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Pago may refer to:

  • Chalan Pago-Ordot, Guam, a municipality
    • Bago, Burma
  • the Italian name for Pag (island), off the coast of Croatia
    • Pag (town) on the island
  • pago, the Chamorro word for Hibiscus tilliaceus
  • Pago Pago
Pago (volcano)

The volcano Pago is located East of Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. Pago is a young post-caldera cone within the Witori Caldera. The Buru Caldera cuts the SW flank of the Witori volcano. Biggest eruptions were at 4000±200 BC, VEI 6, 10 cubic kilometres (2.5 mi.); 1370±100 BC, VEI6, 30 km (7 mi.); and 710±75 AD, VEI 6, 20 km (5 mi.) of tephra.