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Usage examples of "pagne".

There was more champagne, and Danielle toyed with the idea of sinking into a pleasant alcoholic haze, only to discard it in favour of alternating the cham pagne with mineral water sipped slowly between each few mouthfuls of food.

The caterers had not long delivered a variety of appetizers, and a large cooler out back held the cham pagne orange juice.

She had seen them leave while she was having breakfast, carrying the unwanted cham pagne and talking and giggling logether.

The little Mission church could hold only a fraction of the invited and uninvited, the rest of them overflowed into the grounds, though the heaviest concentrations were always to be found around the two widely separated champ pagne wagons.

Still, when Abbie noticed an empty cham pagne glass set on the pearl-inlaid top of an antiqvie Moroccan chest, she picked it up and carried it to the bar with her.

Aunt Elisabet draped around our shoulders the traditional marriage cloth called mole, a beautiful double-sized pagne that symbolizes the togetherness of marriage.