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Pagh is an ancient Danish surname, from old Danish. It means " palisade", and applies to the ancient nobility, Uradel.

Usage examples of "pagh".

He blocked any opportunity for me to be promoted off the Pagh, keeping me firmly under his heel while he stumbled through command with the same idiocy he displayed against the Enterprise .

Shortly after Riker had reported to the Pagh as first officer, the vessel was afflicted with a corrosive element.

Kargan made the ludicrous leap in logic that the Enterprise had sabotaged the Pagh during their rendezvous.

Talak had minions on the Pagh who would make sure that no harm would come to Kargan.

And he had said it after giving Riker a particular piece of equipment--one that wound up helping Riker salvage the near-disaster that the Pagh captain had made of their mission.

A year ago he had served as an exchange officer aboard the Imperial Battle Cruiser Pagh, and he had returned from that assignment with a deepened respect for Klingon ways.

Klingon cruiser Pagh will arrive within eight days, and other ships are on the way.