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Paget is a surname of Anglo-Norman origin which may refer to:

  • Lord Alfred Paget (1816–1888), British soldier, courtier and politician
  • Almeric Paget, 1st Baron Queenborough (1861–1949), British cowboy, industrialist, yachtsman and politician
  • Sir Arthur Paget (British Army officer) (1851–1928), British Army general
  • Sir Bernard Paget (1887–1961), British Army general
  • Lady Caroline Paget (1913–1973), British socialite and actress
  • Charles Paget, 6th Marquess of Anglesey (1885–1947), British soldier
  • Christopher Paget (born 1987), English cricketer
  • Clara Paget (born 1988), British model and actress
  • Lord Clarence Paget (1811–1895), Royal Navy admiral, politician and sculptor
  • Debra Paget (born 1933), American actress and entertainer
  • Dorothy Paget (1905–1960), British racehorse owner and sponsor of motor racing
  • Sir Edward Paget (1775–1849), British Army general
  • Edward Paget (bishop) (1886–1971), English bishop
  • Francis Paget (1851–1911), English theologian, author and Bishop of Oxford
  • George Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey (1922–2013), British soldier and author
  • Henry Paget (disambiguation), several people
  • Sir James Paget (1814–1899), English surgeon and pathologist
  • Jock Paget (born 1983), New Zealand equestrian
  • John Paget (priest) (died 1638), English nonconforming minister, pastor at the English Reformed Church, Amsterdam
  • John Paget (author) (1808–1892), English agriculturist and writer on Hungary
  • John Paget (barrister) (1811–1898), English police magistrate and author
  • Michael Paget (born 1978), Welsh musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist
  • Reginald Paget (1908–1990), British lawyer and politician
  • Sidney Paget (1860–1908), British illustrator of Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Stephen Paget (1855–1926), English surgeon
  • Thomas Paget (disambiguation), several people
  • William Paget (disambiguation), several people

Usage examples of "paget".

Every word that the clubman uttered was transmitted to some other place - how distant, Paget did not know - where a hand controlled the switch that made the answering words appear.

Paget and Henry mention cases in which the corpora callosum, the fornix, and septum lucidum were imperfectly formed.

Besides Trevor they had Clowes, and had had bad luck in not having Paget.

The deerstalker hat was invented by a man called Sidney Paget, who did the illustrations for the original books.

So there I was - Colonel Harry Paget Flashman, late of the 11th Hussars, 17th Lancers and the Staff, former aide to the Commander-in-Chief, and now acting-sowar and rear file in the skirmishing squadron, 3rd Cavalry, Bengal Army, and if you think it was a mad-brained train of circumstance that had taken me there - well, so did I.

Paget told him, 'Unless Your Grace will debate with other men and hear them say their opinions, that will ensue whereof I would be right sorry, and Your Grace shall have first cause to repent.

In fact, it was George Paget, who'd commanded the 4th Lights in the charge, who put the thing to me point-blank in the card-room at White's (can't imagine what I was doing there.

Paget, to whom I am indebted for several of the above statements, informs me that the subject is a very obscure one.

Paget, however, informs me that when muscles are suddenly contracted with the greatest force, without any preparation, they are liable to be ruptured, as when a man slips unexpectedly.

By the end of the day Jean Paget knew exactly what the homestead of a cattle station looked like, and she was beginning to have a very good idea of what went on there.

Finally Mr Constantine Paget produced a most reluctant Phyllis Styles of the ATS and put her in the box, and examined her on her sworn deposition in the police court, proving what had taken place outside the pub.

Shortly afterwards, the ambassador received a visit from two councillors, Sir William Paget and William Paulet, Lord St John, who referred to the princess in tones of the greatest respect, lamenting only that 'such a wise and prudent lady, the second person in the kingdom', was so stubborn in her opinions that she could not obey the King's new law without doing violence to her conscience.