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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ During the next days, Philippa was to see the full glory of his departure, all show and pageantry.
▪ I learn the importance of pageantry and ceremony.
▪ Not for silly pageantry, Hardin.
▪ Police pageantry was a symbolic rite.
▪ Success-even getting better-is made really important and a cause for celebration with noise and pageantry.
▪ The pageantry surrounding the court is a feast of spectacle and venerable tradition.
▪ The Federals looking toward the Confederate lines got only a limited impression of pageantry.
▪ They were expected to attend the urban celebrations of the great festivals and took part in the pageantry and the festivities.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pageantry \Pag"eant*ry\ (-r[y^]), n. Scenic shows or spectacles, taken collectively; spectacular quality; splendor.

Such pageantry be to the people shown.

The pageantry of festival.
--J. A. Symonds.

Syn: Pomp; parade; show; display; spectacle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"splendid display," 1650s; see pageant + -ry.


n. A pageant; a colourful show or display, as in a pageant.

  1. n. a rich and spectacular ceremony [syn: pageant]

  2. an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc; usually involves a parade with rich costumes [syn: pageant]


Pageantry is a colorful display, as in a pageant. It may refer to:

  • Beauty pageant
  • Drag pageantry
  • Medieval pageant

Usage examples of "pageantry".

In a period when these principles are annihilated, the censorial jurisdiction must either sink into empty pageantry, or be converted into a partial instrument of vexatious oppression.

Close to the spot where the maharanee had halted were some hangings of brocade arranged, as we understood later, so that the seated and veiled figure of a woman might observe the brilliant pageantry of the day from the privacy of this purdah.

Domed marble temples, white zikkurats, and people with turbaned heads and flowing robes dominated the rich pageantry of gold and silver thread, of silk and satin and curved swords.

There was nothing for black men to do, therefore, but turn inward, turn toward themselves, turn, if necessary, upon themselves, acting out in internecine battle the very hatred that had been forced upon them, that was played out with quotidian regularity in the pageantry of social myth.

He was, he says, on his way to Ayrshire, one stormy day in January, and had made himself comfortable, in spite of the snow-drift, over a smoking bowl, at an inn at the Sanquhar, when in wheeled the whole funeral pageantry of Mrs.

The rebels had admired and applauded the parade ground pageantry, until Grant sent his massed battle lines forward, straight into the hill, the men climbing up rock by rock, protected by the ravines and cracks in the earth.

In biblical pageantry, Billy saw camels and three wise men as he slowed down on the machmeter and the car finally touched the Earth.

Most easily recognized are the two broad march tunes typical of the mastersingers and their pageantry.

Being an Amatl Indian, Padre Luis had long been able to accord native Toltecan beliefs with the pageantry and hagiography of Catholicism.

People yipped and cheered all the dancing and pageantry around the Sacred Canoe, and Sweetgrass Smoke knew from every change in the drumbeats and voices just what was happening at any moment, because she had lived through more First Man festivals than anybody.

The horses, the mighty mounts who would serve as their vehicles of battle in the upcoming joust, munched contentedly on their feedbags, watching the pageantry with bored eyes.

The romantic in me responded to the pageantry of a parade, to the tribal ritualism of ceremonies that marked anniversaries or comradeships formed long ago on distant battlefields.

Wargamers, Dungeon Masters, NASA freaks, comic book junkies, and other assorted fen, costumed and otherwise, sprawled in metal folding chairs facing the stage and waited for the pageantry to begin.

We, too, have our anniversaries, our relics, the relics of Chalier and Marat,[97] our processions, our services, our ritual,[98] and the vast system of visible pageantry by which dogmas are made manifest and propagated.

The high church had become more formal over the last few T-centuries, but low church services tended to be quiet, introspective affairs, and Honor had been unprepared for the sheer pageantry of the Church of Humanity.