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PAF (pickup)

A P.A.F. or simply PAF is an early model of the humbucker guitar pickup invented by Seth Lover in 1955. Gibson began use of the PAF on higher-model guitars in late 1956 and stopped in around 1962. They were replaced by the Patent Number (Pat No) pickup, essentially a refined version of the PAF. These were in turn replaced by "T-Top" humbuckers in 1967, and production ended in 1975. Though it is commonly mistaken as the first humbucker pickup, the PAF was the first humbucker to gain widespread use and notoriety. The PAF is an essential tonal characteristic of the now-famous 1958-1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitars, and pickups of this type have gained a large following.

Paf (company)

Ålands Penningautomatförening or Paf is a Finnish company that operates a legal gambling monopoly on the Åland Islands, Finland. Paf also has an Internet-based gambling and gaming operation, in addition to operating and maintaining casino and gaming activities on a large number of cruise ferries. The purpose of Paf is to generate funds for humanitarian and social causes on the Åland Islands. Paf has offices in Mariehamn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Madrid and Milan.

An independent allocation board distributes all the Paf profit to non-profit associations, organizations and good causes on the Åland Islands. In 2015, Paf distributed a total of 20,7 million euros in different grants and loans.

  • Social activities: 3 260 000
  • Environmental activities: 450 000
  • Youth work: 385 000
  • Sport: 1 575 000
  • Arts and culture activities: 1 681 000
  • Leadership contributions: 169 000
  • Event contributions: 100.000
  • Other contributions: 2 125 000
  • Project contributions: 790 000
  • Social development and employment: 100 000

Paf's counterpart in Mainland Finland is the not-for-profit gambling company RAY ("Raha-automaattiyhdistys" in Finnish). Disputes over jurisdiction between the two associations are ongoing.

Paf is going to start a four-year research cooperation with the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University. The study focus on setting limits, customer contact and feedback on gaming habits. The research project is led by Professor of Psychology Per Carlbring, and Paf is funding the study with 320 000 euros.

Paf arrange every other year a multi-national Responsible Gaming Summit. Purpose of the conference is to increase awareness about responsible gaming. The conference is aimed to gaming operators, partners, academics and decision makers to learn from each other and share best practices. The conference arranged at 29 September 2015. The first conference was arranged in 2013.

Usage examples of "paf".

While other little girls of her were laughing and playing in the sunshine, little Paf Parker had to lie in bed, weary month after weary m?

He whispered a hasty prayer to the God of Justice for the hill girl's protection, and turned his attention back to Paf and the Bellmaster.

Paf and Kirgen covered their ears and stared, while the Bellmaster picked up speed, beginning to beat the bell like a madman, like one possessed.