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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Italian city, Italian Padova, from Latin Patavium, probably from Gaulish *padi "pine," in reference to the pine forests thereabouts. Related: Paduan.


Padua ( or , ) is a city and comune in Veneto, northern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Padua and the economic and communications hub of the area. Padua's population is 214,000 . The city is sometimes included, with Venice ( ItalianVenezia) and Treviso, in the Padua-Treviso-Venice Metropolitan Area, having a population of c. 1,600,000.

Padua stands on the Bacchiglione River, west of Venice and southeast of Vicenza. The Brenta River, which once ran through the city, still touches the northern districts. Its agricultural setting is the Venetian Plain (Pianura Veneta). To the city's south west lies the Euganaean Hills, praised by Lucan and Martial, Petrarch, Ugo Foscolo, and Shelley.

It hosts the University of Padua, founded in 1222, where Galileo Galilei was a lecturer.

The city is picturesque, with a dense network of arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze, and many bridges crossing the various branches of the Bacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls like a moat.

Padua is the setting for most of the action in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.

Padua (disambiguation)

Padua is a city in northern Italy.

Padua may also refer to:

  • Anthony of Padua, Roman Catholic saint
  • San Antonio de Padua, Argentina (named after saint)
  • Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy
  • Padua, Minnesota, USA
  • Padua, Ohio, USA
  • Padua (ship), a sailing vessel
  • 363 Padua, a main belt asteroid

See also:

  • University of Padua, Italy
  • Padua College, Brisbane, Australia
  • Padua College, Melbourne, Australia
  • Padua Franciscan High School, Parma, Ohio, USA
  • Padua Academy, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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Usage examples of "padua".

Born in Genoa in 1404, where his family lived in exile from their native Florence, Alberti received the finest education available in northern Italy, studying first at the gymnasium of Padua and then receiving a doctorate in civil and canon law at the University of Bologna.

Aldus himself was the first president of the organization, and the members included readers and correctors of the Aldine Press, priests and doctors, the cultured nobility of Venice, Padua, Rome, Bologna, and Lucca, Greek scholars from Candia, and even the great Erasmus from Rotterdam.

Albergoni was a gentleman of Padua, and one of my most intimate friends twenty-five years before.

Piero had summoned to his aid a trusted gondolier who had been ordered to follow them at a little distance, and who, at a sign from the gastaldo, had silently left his bark to drift and taken his place at the other end of the gondola in which the fugitives were making their way to Padua.

Bachi, Italian gentleman and graduate of the University of Padua, grouchily nurtured all opportunities open to him in Boston as a private tutor, though they were scarce and disagreeable.

Venetian estuary is usually dated from the year 452, the period of the Hunnish invasion under Attila, when the Scourge of God, as he was named by his terror-stricken opponents, sacked the rich Roman cities of Aquileia, Concordia, Opitergium, and Padua.

I found out directly that they came from Padua, not Venice, as they spoke the Paduan dialect, which I knew very well.

During this period he was guilty of that crowning folly, the acceptance of the Rectorship of the Gymnasium at Padua, he felt the sharpest stings of poverty, and his life was overshadowed by dire physical misfortune.

Everyone smiled at the simplicity of the answer, but the merriment increased when, to the question made by my mother whether his sister was married, I took the answer upon myself, and said that Bettina was the prettiest girl of Padua, and was only fourteen years of age.

Whenever I visited Padua, to complete my study of the law, I stayed at the house of the kind doctor, but I was always grieved at seeing near Bettina the brute to whom she was engaged, and who did not appear to me deserving of such a wife.

In June I went to the fair at Padua, and made the acquaintance of a young man of my own age, who was then studying mathematics under the celebrated Professor Succi.

He had seen me in Padua at the house of his father, who was professor of civil law at the time I was a student there.

Carlin Bertinazzi who played Harlequin, and was a great favourite of the Parisians, reminded me that he had already seen me thirteen years before in Padua, at the time of his return from St.

Having, therefore, left Padua at the very instant marked by fatality, I met at Oriago a cabriolet, drawn at full speed by two post-horses, containing a very pretty woman and a man wearing a German uniform.

He is going to Padua, but everything has been arranged so that we can sup at his casino whenever we wish.