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n. (plural of pad English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pad)


Pads (also called leg guards) are protective equipment used by batters in the sports of cricket and baseball, and by goaltenders in hockey, bandy and lacrosse. They serve to protect the legs from impact by a hard ball or puck at high speed which could otherwise cause injuries to the lower leg.

Usage examples of "pads".

She may know where those landing pads were, and something about why Nubblyk the Slyte left.

It was half the size of the pads he remembered and was smooth without symbols.

So in the evenings, it was not uncommon to find Earth-Born busying themselves at special duties around the livestock, the landing pads, the central supply depot .

Tom was right, it was like Spiderman climbing a wall, only instead of suction pads my hands had hooks and my feet had loops of nylon strapping.

Identically built pads flanked it--lemon yellow, lavender, turquoise, salmon and hot pink alternating down the hillside, ending at a sign proclaiming, VISTA VIEW GARDENS!

The shock-wave struck hard enough to rock the launcher on its outspread pads, drying his eyeballs with a slap from a soft hot invisible hand.

His hand enveloped hers, the pads of his fingers rubbing back and forth over her soft skin and he knew every indentation.

Senex Sector--but I knew there were at least a dozen landing pads out on the ice.

One of the smuggler pads out on the glacier was still in operation sometimes, though there were fewer and fewer pilots looking to make the difficult run in through the Corridor.

Nubblyk started thermoblasting the pads right after the Clone Wars, when Brathflen and Galactic first came to the planet.

If you can get back with me on the coordinates of those pads it might help.

It extruded one of its long, multijointed arms with their slightly sticky velvet pads and obligingly picked up the chilled wineglass.

A touch to the sensor pads located in the side piece that lay across his cheek, and he could see their displays on his secondary screen.

Heavy carpets covered the floors and each bedroom was equipped with several deep sleeping pads and blankets.

The pads of her fingers pressing deep into his arm as they crouched together beneath the water.