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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Padme may refer to:

  • Padmé Amidala, a fictional character in the Star Wars films
  • Padmé (film), the 2008 George Lucas Selects Award-winning short
  • Om mani padme hum, a mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteśvara
  • Phobos And Deimos & Mars Environment (PADME), a proposed Mars orbiter
Padmé (film)

Padmé is a Star Wars fan film produced by Jason Ginsburg, Robert Reeves, and Kevin W. Walsh. The short was written by Walsh and directed by Reeves.

The film won the George Lucas Selects Award in the 2008 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, co-sponsored by and Lucasfilm, and aired on both Spike TV and Comedy Central shortly thereafter.

Robert Reeves previously won Best Comedy in the 2005 Star Wars Fan Film Awards for Cheap Seats, which he wrote, directed, and starred in.

Usage examples of "padme".

Gon Jinn and Padme Naberrie from harm, that he would see to it somehow that nothing bad happened to them.

Padme, Eirtae, and Rabe had changed from their crimson hooded cloaks into more functional trousers, tunics, boots, and long- waisted overcoats, and there were blasters strapped to their waists.

Obi-Wan in front of Padme to prove his loyalty to her over his teacher, he refuses to listen to Obi-Wan while chasing Zam Wesell, and he abandons his mission to Naboo to look after his own personal affairs.

Qui-Gon caught sight of Anakin appearing through the crowds, riding an eopie with Padme up behind him, towing one of the massive Radon - Ulzer engines.

In the end, they reached the palace much more quickly than Padme had dared to hope, entering from a skywalk bridging to a watchtower, then making their way along the palace halls toward the throne room.

Below on the sand: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Senator Padme Amidala.

Giving Padme a quick smile, Anakin followed close on the heels of the Jedi Master as he moved to the hatchway.

Both Anakin and Padme were laughing now, and their laughter increased as they saw the look on the unfortunate creature's long billed face.

He knew the Tibetan letters for 'om mani padme hum', as who could not with them carved on every rock in the Himalaya, but other than that he was illiterate, and the Chinese alphabet looked like chicken tracks, each letter different from all the rest.

During this noisy drilling some of the Dingboche locals cut away at the exterior of the rock, carving in Sanskrit lettering Om Mani Padme Hum, as seen on innumerable mani stones in the Himalayas, and now all over the southern highlands.

This idea caught on as soon as others saw it, and within two days each clear tent floor stood over a flagged parquet with a mosaic design: circuitry maps, pictures of birds and fish, fractal abstracts, Escher drawings, theTibetan calligraphy spelling Om Mani Padme Hum, maps of the planet and of smaller regions, equations, people's faces, landscapes, and so on.

He counted to ten, then chanted Om Mani Padme Hum, and gradually the black rage subsided, at least to the point where he could see through the red haze.

The bonzes of Padme - especially we of the Isavest Ordainment - are sworn to altruism.