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Padi or PADI may refer to:

  • Padi, Chennai, India
  • Padi, Iran
  • Padi (band), a musical group
  • PADI Peptidyl Arginine Deiminase
  • Paddy field, a type of cultivated land
  • Paddy (unmilled rice)
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors, a scuba organization
  • PPPoE Active Discovery Initiation, establishment of a connection via Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
Padi (band)

Padi (pronounced ) is an Indonesian alternative pop/ rock band. When the band formed on April 8, 1997, all of its members were still studying at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. They are Piyu (lead guitar, backing vocals), Fadly (lead vocals), Ari (guitar), Rindra (bass guitar), and Yoyo (drums).

Their second album, Sesuatu Yang Tertunda (2001), recorded one of the highest domestic sales of music records in Indonesia by selling approximately 1.8 million copies, with 450,000 copies of which sold in just 2 weeks. Padi has sold approximately 3 million records in Indonesia only, as of 2012.

In late 2007, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed 2 of their albums on their " 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time" list. Those are Sesuatu Yang Tertunda at #55 and Save My Soul at #110. In addition, Rolling Stone also put 2 of Padi's songs on the " 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time" list. The songs are "Mahadewi" (#87) and "Sobat" (#109), both came from the debut album Lain Dunia (1999), which isn't included in the magazine's list of Best Albums.

Usage examples of "padi".

Despite the lesson of past experience, it seemed as if Padi and Syl Vor might actually be with their tutors this morning - or engaged in quiet mayhem in another part of the house.

Tabini, who was close to an ancestral enemy of her clan, a close neighbor in the Padi valley holdings, and certainly persona non grata with uncle Tatiseigi, the head of the Atageini clan.

Padi Valley lines in a way that might alter the hitherto several-way contest in the Padi Valley forever.

Damiri visible before them, to heirs and marriage and the final merger of two Padi Valley families of vast power, a merger that might firm up the political picture very suddenly.

Bren summed it up, having seen it in operation at Malguri and again in the Padi Valley.

One might think that elephants roaming at large would render cultivation impossible, but they have the greatest horror of anything that looks like a fence, and though they are almost powerful enough to break down a strong stockade, a slight fence of reeds usually keeps them out of padi, cane, and maize plantations.

It was truly a dismal swamp, and looked as if the padi were coming up by accident among the reeds and weeds.

Threshing consists in beating the ears with thick sticks to loosen the husks, after which the padi is carried in baskets to platforms ten feet above the ground, and is allowed to fall on mats, when the chaff is driven away by the wind.

There had been so much rain that it was heavy wading through the padi, and it was quite dark when we reached the jungle, in which the rain had made the footing very precarious, and in darkness we forded the swollen stream, and stumbled along the shore of the Perak, where fireflies in thousands were flashing among the bushes--a beautiful sight.

Ajuri were a small clan to the north of here, a postage stamp of a territory, but a rich one, within Dursai Province, and almost within the Padi Valley.

The whole Padi Valley sat as the geographical heart of the country, and, partly due to Tatiseigi, it was always in a flutter.

They might be late arrivals out of Heitisi, the neighboring aggregate of towns in this area of the Padi Valley.

Gegini, meant nothing to his ears, except it was a name not that uncommon in the Padi Valley.

Kadagidi themselves had their doubts about Murini, whose rise within his own clan had been checkered with double-dealing and a far greater affinity for the politics of the south coast than those of the Padi Valley.

A Ragi event dominated by Padi Valley ambitions, the return not only of the Ragi aiji, but the heir of their own blood, in a tumult that went on and on and on, became a contest, a rivalry precarious and dangerous.