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Akarr--standing on the seat of his padded, double-wide chair and snarling Tsoran imprecations --and the remaining Tsoran, facing off against Ensign Dougherty, both of them bristling and bearing marks of the first clash.

Akarr clutched the edges of his padded, extra-wide seat, feeling a quick flash of annoyance.

They sat behind him, in padded seats no less comfortable than his own.

Shifting back to his place, he lost his balance entirely, falling into the padded chair instead of sitting with dignity.

They moved to the padded seat by the window and sat facing one another, both of them intent on her story.

It was as if Deanna fought in a stupor with blinders and padded gloves.

Accepting the inevitable, he got to his feet and padded silently across the room to the replicator.

She padded noiselessly down the hall on a thin carpet of an exotic kilin design, practically the only sign of luxury in the otherwise drab and dingy little apartment.

Again, not luxurious but padded just enough and sensibly proportioned, with a high back and a lumbar support.

His stitched brown leather shoes padded softly across the polished stone floor.

The noble Vulcan had turned himself into a sneering Romulan, complete with the padded shoulders, sashes, regalia, and arrogance of someone very exalted in the Star Empire.

Kirk padded out of his bathroom on bare feet and made his way into his bedroom.

Grayrose leaned comfortably against a padded cylinder that ran from floor to ceiling, her safety harness running around shoulders, hips, and thighs, leaving her wings and arms free.

As she faced the third, the program phased into the next level, providing her with protective padding, and giving both she and the creature a set of wicked short swords.

But the money budgeted toward those repairs seemed to be many times what went out in salaries and materials, so it was obvious that the local councilors were padding their pocketbooks the whole time.