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He handed the padd to Drex, who took it, thumbed it, then looked at Klag.

Wu got up groggily from his bed and stood behind Worf to observe as well, pausing to retrieve the padd and place it on the table with the others.

Worf thumbed the padd over to the appropriate report and handed it to Tiral.

He pulled a padd out of a pocket in his thermal suit, and thumbed through several displays to the one he wanted.

Klag picked up the padd he was working on, as well as another that sat on his desk.

She stared at the padd an instant, and then quite obviously decided not to question her good fate.

After a moment of staring at the padd an ensign had left on his desk, he decided perhaps Atann had done him a favor.

La Forge frowned at the Fandrean version of a padd, on which was displayed the most recent series of yet-unexplained Legacy shield surges.

Yenan looked away from his padd to give Geordi pouch-mouthed uncertainty.

Yenan said, putting down his padd to look straight at La Forge, speaking slowly and deliberately-as if to a child.

Yenan stood, fumbled with the padd that had been on his lap, and ignored it as it clattered to the floor.

Picard waved the young woman away with an understanding nod, and she hesitated, handed him a padd, made good her escape.

The padd held notations from Data regarding the current fluctuation and reaction rate of the Ntignano sun .

He handed the padd to Troi and looked over at the ReynSa and her charge.

Troi looked up from the padd, distracted and unhappy at its contents, and smiled a greeting anyway, her teeth neatly covered.