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a. (alternative spelling of pacey English)

Usage examples of "pacy".

Liverpool seemed staid and old-fashioned compared to the modern, pacy, heroic images of the American television series that dominated the tiny black and white British screen: Sunset Strip, Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt, Dragnet, Whirlybirds.

But as they closed upon us, I became aware of their heavy breathing, the creak of their tense bones, the pacy, panicked pounding of their hearts.

It was good, Pacys knew, to be in stouthearted company when the things that lay ahead appeared so uncertain.

Pacys rummaged in his coin purse, trying not to notice how light it was for a man possibly traveling a great distance.

Pacys felt the shudder of the hand axes cleaving flesh through the connection he had with two of the fish that'd sunk their teeth into him.

As Pacys continued playing involuntarily, an image of a vast labyrinth rising above the sea floor appeared in his mind's eye.