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n. (context medicine software English) picture archiving communication system.


n. (PAC English)


PACS is an acronym with several meanings:

  • Cape Sarichef Airport (ICAO airport code), on Unimak Island of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  • Pacte civil de solidarité, a form of civil union in France
  • Palo Alto Chinese School, Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Partial Anterior Circulation Stroke Syndrome, the symptoms of a type of an ischemic stroke
  • Payload Alert Communications System, a system to decrease the statistical uncertainty in the location of resident space objects
  • Peace and conflict studies, an academic field that identifies and analyzes violent and nonviolent behaviors of social conflicts
  • Photodetecting Array Camera and Spectrometer, an instrument of the Herschel Space Observatory
  • Phonological Assessment of Child's Speech, a type of analysis battery used in developmental psychology to ascertain if a child has a reading disorder.
  • Phonological Awareness Composite Scores, a marking criterion as part of the CTOPP assessment battery for assessing a child's awareness of the oral structure of language.
  • Physical Access Control Systems. Gates, barriers and turnstiles that provide security for restricted areas on buildings and sites.
  • Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme, a scheme developed by the American Institute of Physics
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System, a system used in medical imaging to store, retrieve, distribute, analyze, and digitally process medical images.
  • Poorest Areas Civil Society Program (2001–2008), a defunct Indian social welfare program
  • Primary Agricultural Credit Society, co-operative credit institutions in India
  • Primary airport control station, a survey marker established in the vicinity of an airport
  • Prince Avenue Christian School, Oconee County, Georgia, USA
  • Provisional Army of the Confederate States, the "volunteer" or wartime-expansion component of the Confederate States Army

PACs is the plural of PAC; for example:

  • Political action committees, groups organized to elect or defeat political candidates
  • Premature atrial contractions

Usage examples of "pacs".

They build some fake feelie coffins out of lengths of thirty-inch plastic pipe or something of the sort and hook them up to dummy control pacs.

PACs were denouncing the LipoVac spots' shots of rippling cellulite and explicit clips of procedures that resembled crosses between hyperbolic Hoover Upright demonstrations and filmed autopsies and cholesterol-conscious cooking shows that involved a great deal of chicken-fat drainage, and even though audiences' flights from the LipoVac spots themselves were absolutely gutting ratings for the other ads and the shows around them Network execs' sweaty sleep infected with vivid REM-visions of flaccid atrophied thumbs coming twitchily to life over remote zap and surf controls even though the spots were again fatally potent, the LipoVac string's revenues were so obscenely enhanced by the ads that LipoVac Unltd.

Your opponents' campaigns will receive very large contributions from my PACs, and you'll receive none.

The simple fact is that Congresscritters pay attention to PACs bringing money and not much else.