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n. (plural of pack English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pack)

Usage examples of "packs".

Unlike Flenser, who usually melded pups into existing packs in an approximation of nature, Steel made his totally newborn.

On his last trek through the Great Sandy, there had been five packs in his party.

The largest Peregrine had ever seen had less than one hundred: Take a group of ordinary people and train them to string out, not in packs but as individual members.

Besides the chamberlain and the doctor, there were already five other packs in the room.

The two packs stood for a moment, necking, thoughts blending into sweet chaos.

The lower levels were guarded by linear packs, but up here there were only a few lookouts.

He had withstood worse before, and the packs outside must know that Steel was stronger than any of them.

There were great questions in the world, things that had bothered packs for thousands of years.

Flenser posted eight packs around the floor and on temporary platforms, blocked them from each another with the slate partitions, and then put members from each pack in connection with their counterparts in three others.

He is doing everything he can to help, but the bad packs will be back.

Packish one, that collaboration was so easy for humans that they learned and built much faster than packs could.

And sometimes the background thought sounds would surge, a moment where several packs would somehow synchronize.

There were lots more packs outside than she had imagined, and they were standing closer than she had ever seen.

Vendacious said it looked like one or two packs had come out of the forest and climbed the turret, perhaps in an attempt to see onto the grounds.

On the other hand, if the packs of Hidden Island ended up chasing down some worst-case branches of the search trees, things might stretch out to a few years.