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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Packman \Pack"man\, n.; pl. Packmen. One who bears a pack; a peddler.


n. (plural of packman English)

Usage examples of "packmen".

A large number of travelers and packmen had been given a scrap of paper, the words written by Abe.

The winter morning was young, but the human traffic was already brisk, husbandmen out to feed their winter stock, housewives shopping, late packmen humping their packs, children running and playing, everybody quick to make use of a fine morning, where daylight was in any case short, and fine mornings might be few.

Even at this hour, perhaps the quietest of the day, there was a considerable bustle of coming and going within there, guests arriving and departing, servants ambling about on casual errands, petitioners begging, packmen taking a midday rest, a whole small world of people, some of them as humble as herself.

The greatest pleasure he experienced during that period was when packmen came round with their stores of clothing and hardware, and displayed them for sale.