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a. (context chiefly sports English) fast, rapid, speedy.


Pacey may refer to:

  • Pacey (name), the name of several people both real and fictional
  • Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, an organisation based in London
Pacey (name)

Pacey is an English surname and given name variant of Passy, a French locational origin surname, itself derived from the Gallo-Roman PraenomenPaccius. The surname Pacey migrated to England during the 12th Century, and eventually evolved also into a given name, an example being the fictional character Pacey Witter on American television series, Dawson's Creek. Pacey, itself a variant, is associated also with "Passie" (but not " Passi"), "Peacey", and "Piosey". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Dave Pacey (born 1936), English footballer
  • Desmond Pacey (1917–1975), Canadian literary critic
  • Steven Pacey (born 1957), English actor

Usage examples of "pacey".

So far there was a mystery and some reason for being uncomfortable, but nothing that had been said so far explained what Heller and Pacey were doing in Houston.

As she had commented to a surprised Norman Pacey afterward, it had been a badly calculated attempt at a shock tactic to spur any positive reaction, and had misfired.

Their national loyalties aside, he admired the way in which Pacey had continued battling to promote his country's views after Heller left, and he had got to know the American quite well socially.

He would talk to Norman Pacey and see if Pacey would talk to the American girl quietly.

Norman Pacey said from an armchair in his private room at Bruno some hours after Sobroskin had talked to him about Janet.

There was just a trace of moisture in her eyes, but whether that was due to remorse, anger, or to a sinus condition that had nothing to do with either, Pacey couldn't tell.

Her expression changed suddenly, and she looked at Pacey in a strange way, as if unsure about voicing something that was on her mind.

She looked across at Pacey nervously for a few seconds, then added timidly, "He did say it was only some trivial additions.

Then she lapsed into silence while Pacey sat back with a distant expression on his face, gnawing unconsciously at the knuckle of his thumb while his mind raced through the possible meaning of what she had said.

She was just about to close it behind her when Pacey called, "And Janet .

He then closed the controlroom doors and used the main screen of the supervisory console to compose and transmit the message that Pacey dictated.

Neither of the Russians could understand why Pacey insisted on appending his own name to the transmission.

How Pacey could have known about a risk that had been recognized on Thurien only with the benefit of information that Pacey couldn't possibly have possessed was a mystery.

The only conclusion Hunt could draw was that Pacey had totally misinterpreted something and overreacted, which seemed strange for the kind of person Hunt had judged Pacey to be.

To be fair, Hunt conceded as he thought about it again, Pacey hadn't actually said for certain that it was the Shapieron that was threatened.