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n. (plural of pace English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pace)

Usage examples of "paces".

She led Ruark through the darkness, pausing often to make sure he followed but staying several paces ahead of him, leading him wide around the plantation house then up a narrow path through the trees on the hill behind it.

He was so casual about it all that no one, except perhaps Hergus who stood beyond them several paces looking back, could have guessed he had maneuvered himself so with deliberation.

In surprise he stumbled back several paces and stared at the empty hilt.

Several paces behind she fell in, dropping her skirt into place and walking barefoot across the sand.

Not so much as a glance had Ruark given Shanna, who waited demurely several paces behind her father.

Twelve paces beyond, the land dropped slightly, then stretched out into a broad basin of mud.

Four oxen lumbered freely in a makeshift corral ten paces downwind from the camp.

Gruntle judged the crater to be forty paces across and four or five arm-lengths in depth.

Off to his left, perhaps two hundred paces away, a low mound rose to break the flat monotony of the landscape.

The four soldiers stationed as guards were all gathered ten paces away from the mage, showing obvious unease.

Midsummer flowers cloaked the flanks of the recent barrows two hundred paces to their left in swathes of brittle blue, the hue deepening as the sun sank lower behind the mounds.

Detoran and Trotts stood side by side a few paces back, both hulking and monstrous.

Blend added their muscles in carrying the table, and the six of them managed to take it fifty paces before exhaustion forced them to halt.

A moment later a swirl of dust rose from the ochre grasses a few paces from where Toc crouched.

Seventy paces away, on the summit of a nearby hill, Mok had assembled the wood-framed hide-lined bath-tub.