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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pace \Pace\ (p[=a]s), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Paced (p[=a]st); p. pr. & vb. n. Pacing (p[=a]"s[i^]ng).]

  1. To go; to walk; specifically, to move with regular or measured steps. ``I paced on slowly.''
    --Pope. ``With speed so pace.''

  2. To proceed; to pass on. [Obs.]

    Or [ere] that I further in this tale pace.

  3. To move quickly by lifting the legs on the same side together, as a horse; to amble with rapidity; to rack.

  4. To pass away; to die. [Obs.]


Paced \Paced\, a. Having, or trained in, [such] a pace or gait; trained; -- used in composition; as, slow-paced; a thorough-paced villain.


vb. (en-past of: pace)

Usage examples of "paced".

Seregil paced restlessly around the dining room as Alec wolfed down his sausage and tea.

Stoop-shouldered, his clothes hanging baggily, he paced across the room, his chin deep in his hand.

When the Baptist had finally exited with the fading daylight, this individual had paced him along the west side of the river until the holy man had been lost to sight in the east.

He Tim Doui3LP- IMAGE 177 lit a cigarette as Duclos, politely but definitely put in place, cabless, paced up and down, drifting nearer.

Only phone calls, Cilia assured herself as she paced to the window and back.

And Joe had learned that among the people Haj Harun visited on his yearly rounds in the Holy City, along with the nameless cobbler near Damascus Gate whose cubbyhole Haj Harun could never find, along with the nameless muttering man who ceaselessly paced back and forth on the steps to the crypt in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, along with them there had once been a pious linguistic genius with whom Haj Harun had conversed in Aramaic, the language spoken in Palestine two and three thousand years ago.

Meandering, he entered and paced through the dim coolth of a smallish wood, mostly oak and the chestnuts beloved of Galician swine.

In her head, the cougar paced and clawed at her skull until she snapped at him to leave her alone.

Dynsman had broken into the Covenanter to plant the bomb a week earlier, he had also paced out the detonation time.

I paced the rooms and cried aloud when I thought of how I was cut off from her, of all that might happen to her in my absence.

Wolves, and their fiercer, doglike relatives, dholes, paced just beyond the range of her sling.

Milo paced and smoked a Tipar-illo and I thought about the Doss family.

While he paced the room with thoughtful steps, and Madame Montoni sat silently on a couch, at the upper end of it, waiting till the servant returned, Emily was observing the singular solemnity and desolation of the apartment, viewed, as it now was, by the glimmer of the single lamp, placed near a large Venetian mirror, that duskily reflected the scene, with the tall figure of Montoni passing slowly along, his arms folded, and his countenance shaded by the plume, that waved in his hat.

The cars and buses trapped on the span were still immobile, Electro still paced the East Tower in a ball of light and the young blonde woman in the miniskirt still plummeted from the West Tower, again and again, each time almost hitting the water before flickering, disappearing, and reappearing at the apex of her plunge.

They determined to take up their position there again, and paced on, Farina with his head below his shoulders, and Guy nostril in air, as if uneasy in his sense of smell.