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The Collaborative International Dictionary

PAC \PAC\ (p[a^]k), n. [Acronynm from Political Action Committee.] (Politics) A political action committee, a committee formed by an organization or special-interest group to raise money to support candidates for office or to influence legislation. A PAC provides a legal means for corporations in the U. S. to support political candidates even when direct contributions from corporations to candidates is forbidden by law. In theory, the corporation may not itself contribute to a PAC, but may pay the expenses of raising money from individuals. PACs may also be formed by organizations other than commercial corporations, such as trade associations.

Note: PACs became popular in the 1970's after campaign finance reform laws put limits on the amount of money which an individual can contribute to each candidate for public office. In addition to simply supporting candidates with specific viewpoints, the unstated purpose of PACs is to make politicians aware of their viewpoints, by aggregating sums of money into significant single donations. This latter effect has aroused criticism of PACs from reformers who feel that large donations bias the political process.


Pac \Pac\ (p[a^]k), n. A kind of moccasin, having the edges of the sole turned up and sewed to the upper.


n. 1 (context politics English) political action committee 2 Programmable Automation Controller 3 Proxy AutoConfig (file)


PAC or Pac may refer to:

Pac (artist)

Usage examples of "pac".

After the cutover he had asked Pac Bell for the Automatic Message Accounting data covering the time before each switch failure.

No, they would concentrate their resources around the perimeter and wait until Faulkner reappeared with the boy, if Faulkner and the boy managed to reappear, or until Pac Bell and Pacific Gas and Electric arrived to locate their downed lines, and then if they did come they would come cautiously.

Half the postings are about taking down Pac Bell switches or cracking into the White House and the other half are about the caffeine content of the latest soft drinks.

Leaping up, he yanked on his pacs, grasped a rifle and ran for the uproar.

After the cutover he had asked Pac Bell for the Automatic Message Accounting data covering the time before each switch failure.

PAC, Roderick MacFar- Parliamentary page, quoted in lane papers, MacArthur to Dun- Preston, Life and Times ofLord can MacFarlane, 15 Feb.

Pac Bell handled the local calls in California, but they bought their switches and the software that ran the switch processors from AT T, Northern Telecom, and a few other companies.

They build some fake feelie coffins out of lengths of thirty-inch plastic pipe or something of the sort and hook them up to dummy control pacs.

Regularity of any kind, such as the repeating architectural features or the mosaic patterns in the corridors of PAC, or the nested arrays of optronics chips and subassemblies in some of the equipment cabinets, fascinated him.

Inside PAC, Langerif stared bemusedly at the scene being relayed from outside, as the huge shape of the starship hovering over the city started descending.

PACs were denouncing the LipoVac spots' shots of rippling cellulite and explicit clips of procedures that resembled crosses between hyperbolic Hoover Upright demonstrations and filmed autopsies and cholesterol-conscious cooking shows that involved a great deal of chicken-fat drainage, and even though audiences' flights from the LipoVac spots themselves were absolutely gutting ratings for the other ads and the shows around them Network execs' sweaty sleep infected with vivid REM-visions of flaccid atrophied thumbs coming twitchily to life over remote zap and surf controls even though the spots were again fatally potent, the LipoVac string's revenues were so obscenely enhanced by the ads that LipoVac Unltd.

Your opponents' campaigns will receive very large contributions from my PACs, and you'll receive none.

The centres of support for the PAC were widely scattered across the land, from the eastern tribal areas of the Ciskei and the Transkei to the southern part of the great industrial triangle along the Vaal river, and a thousand miles south of that in the black township of Longa and Nyanga that housed the greater part of the migrant worker force that serviced the mother city of Cape Town.

The simple fact is that Congresscritters pay attention to PACs bringing money and not much else.

It was housed in one of the old glass booths that Pac Bell was discontinuing, one block east on the side of a laundry, across the street from a flower shop.