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Paavo is an Estonian and Finnish masculine given name, cognate to "Paul". The patronymic surname Paavolainen is derived from it.

It may refer to:

  • Paavo Aaltonen (1919–1962), Finnish gymnast and a three-time Olympic champion
  • Paavo Aarniokoski (1893-1961), Finnish politician
  • Paavo Aho (1891–1918), Finnish track and field athlete who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics
  • Paavo Airola (1918–1983), nutritionist, naturopathic physician, educator and award-winning author
  • Paavo Arhinmäki (born 1976), Finnish politician, the incumbent Minister for Culture and Sport and a member of the Finnish Parliament
  • Paavo Berg (1911–1941), Finnish fighter ace
  • Paavo Berglund (1929–2012), Finnish conductor
  • Paavo Cajander (1846–1913), Finnish poet and translator
  • Paavo Haavikko (1931–2008), Finnish poet and playwright
  • Paavo Heininen (born 1938), Finnish composer and pianist
  • Paavo Hukkinen (1911–1988), German-Finnish actor
  • Paavo Hynninen (1883–1960), former Finnish diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Paavo Järvi (born 1962), Estonian-American conductor, and current Music Director of the Orchestre de Paris
  • Paavo Johansson (1895–1983), Finnish athlete who competed mainly in the javelin throw
  • Paavo Korhonen (born 1928), Finnish Nordic skier who competed in the 1950s
  • Paavo Kotila (born 1927), former Finnish long-distance runner, Olympian, and thrice national champion in the marathon
  • Paavo Lötjönen (born 1968), cello player for Finnish band Apocalyptica
  • Paavo Liettu (1905–1964), Finnish track and field athlete who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics
  • Paavo Lipponen (born 1941), Finnish politician and former reporter
  • Paavo Lonkila (born 1923), Finnish farmer and cross-country skier who competed in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Paavo Lukkariniemi (born 1941), Finnish ski jumper who competed in the mid-1960s
  • Paavo Miettinen (1919–1985), Finnish Olympic fencer
  • Paavo Nikula (born 1942), former Chancellor of Justice of Finland and a former Member of the Parliament of Finland
  • Paavo Nurmi (1897–1973), Finnish runner
  • Paavo Piironen (1943–1974), Finnish film actor, director and writer of the 1960s and early 1970s
  • Paavo Puurunen (born 1973), Finnish biathlete
  • Paavo Pylkkänen (born 1959), Finnish philosopher of mind
  • Paavo Rantanen (born 1934), former Finnish Foreign Ministry official, briefly the Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Paavo Ruotsalainen (1777–1852), Finnish farmer and lay preacher
  • Paavo Siljamäki, (born 1977), Finnish trance artist, one-third of the UK based trance group Above & Beyond
  • Paavo Susitaival (1896–1993), Finnish author, soldier and politician
  • Paavo Talvela (1897–1973), Finnish soldier and a Knight of the Mannerheim Cross
  • Paavo Väyrynen (born 1946), Finnish veteran politician of the Centre Party
  • Paavo Vaskio (born 1931), Finnish sprint canoeist who competed in the early 1960s
  • Paavo Vierto (1915–1941), Finnish ski jumper who competed in the early 1940s
  • Paavo Virkkunen (1874–1959), Finnish conservative politician
  • Paavo Yrjölä (1902–1980), Finnish track and field athlete, won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1928 Olympics
  • Paavo Noorbirch (1989-?) Last son of Paul from Hiiumaa.