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abbr. Pennsylvania

Usage examples of "pa.".

Recent titles by the same author: ANGEL Ruth Langan MILLS BOON To sisters everywhere, And especially to my sisters, Pat and Margaret.

Without warning his image faded, and instead of Pa, she was staring into the smoldering eyes of Adam Winter.

She died when I was just a baby, And Cookie has always been around to see that Pa. and I had enough to eat.

And I ask nothing more of you than the chance to visit his final resting place and pay my respects.

Adam brought his horse to a pan se atop a ridge and cast one last look at his herd, peacefully grazing on the banks of Poison Creek.

And was it tn ere coincidence that Pearl was carrying a little pistols like the one Doc had said killed Pa? Could he have died at the hand of his own daughter?

Carmelita looked up from the oven, where she was lifting a pan of steaming corn bread.

I did not come here to pay my respects at the place where he is buried.

Ruby came all the way from New Orleans when she read about Pa. Ruby, this is Carmelira, our housekeeper, and Cookie, our ranch cook.

It will be nothing to finish the tally and prepare the wranglers pay vouchers.

You kept your promise, Pa, she thought as she touched a hand to the rope of gold at her throat.

The larger of the two adult dogs lifted his right paw and cocked his head to one side.

Dru tossed a few pieces of wood inside the black iron stove, then pulled a heavy frying pan from its hook on the wall.

No sooner was she scooping the first flapjacks from the frying pan than excited voices sounded from the loft.

He lifted his face up toward her, whined, then scratched the door with his paw before looking up at her again.