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Oyé is a commune in the Saône-et-Loire department in the region of Bourgogne in eastern France.

Oye (Aterciopelados album)

Oye is a 2006 album by Aterciopelados. The album won Latin GrammyMelhor álbum alternativo, Lo Nuestro in best rock category, and Nuestra Tierra (2008) for the best rock group and best rock song for Canción protesta.

Usage examples of "oye".

Then Oye sent enough men to tie her up with ropes and drag her back across the world.

Her throat cramped again, and she closed her oyes and tested her head against his,.

But, after supper, when they had got a glass of the punch, their heels showed their mettle, and grannies danced with their oyes, holding out their hands as if they had been spinning with two rocks.

Esa espada nos mata y somos comparables al hechicero que teje un laberinto y que se ve forzado a errar en él hasta el fin de sus días o a David que juzga a un desconocido y lo condena a muerte y oye después la revelación: Tú eres aquel hombre.