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Oxley may refer to:

Oxley (surname)

Oxley is a Yorkshire surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Oxley, Australian rules footballer
  • Alan Oxley, Australian diplomat.
  • Alan Rice-Oxley, British flying ace during World War I
  • Bernard Oxley, English footballer
  • Bill Oxley, English professional rugby league footballer
  • Cyril Oxley, English footballer
  • David Oxley, English actor
  • George Oxley, political figure in colonial Nova Scotia
  • Harrison Oxley, English organist
  • Henry Oxley, Canadian-born Major League baseball player
  • James Oxley, Australian–American mathematician
  • James Macdonald Oxley (1855–1907), Canadian lawyer and an author of books for boys
  • Jeremy Oxley, Australian musician, guitarist for 1980s band the Sunnyboys
  • John Oxley (1783–1828), Australian explorer
  • John Oxley (disambiguation), several more people
  • Joseph Oxley, political figure in colonial Nova Scotia
  • Joseph W. Oxley, American Republican Party politician
  • Lawrence A. Oxley, American community leader appointed to Roosevelt's "Black Cabinet"
  • Melanie Oxley, Australian musician and songwriter
  • Mark Oxley. English professional footballer
  • Mark Rice-Oxley, English journalist
  • Mike Oxley, United States congressman and co-sponsor to the Sarbanes–Oxley Act
  • Paul Oxley, English songwriter/lyricist/producer living in Finland
  • Philip Oxley, English cricketer
  • Peter Oxley, Australian musician, bass player for The Sunnyboys
  • Roy Oxley, British television set designer
  • Scott Oxley (born 1976), English professional footballer
  • Tanya Oxley, Barbadian track and field sprinter
  • Tim Rice-Oxley, British musician
  • Tony Oxley, British jazz drummer
  • W. Oxley, eighteenth century English professional cricketer