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adv. (context Northern England English) anything n. (context Northern England English) anything pron. (context Northern England English) aught, anything


Owt represents the northern English pronunciation of aught, meaning "anything, nothing"; see Names for the number 0 in English. Owt may be used for "anything", and nowt for "nothing".

For the initials OWT see Oregon Water Trust.

Usage examples of "owt".

In the same, Venus and Bewte dyd tryumpe over al ther enemys, and tamyd a salvadge man and a lyon, that was made very rare and naturall, so as the Kynge was gretly plesyd therwyth, and gracyously gaf Mayster Cornysshe a ryche rewarde owt of his owne hand, to be dyvyded with the rest of his felows.

Soo schel your hous stonde and bee Unto eternytee Yet walke warilie Wyttinge ful sarteynlee That if impiouslie The secounde tyme in the bodie Practisinge grammarie One of ye katched shulle be By the feyndis subtiltee And hys liffe lossit bee Broke ys thenne this serye Dampned are you thenne eternallie Yerth shuldestow thenne never more se Scarshy the Goddes mought reskue ye Owt of the Helle where you woll lie Unto eternytee The sterres tealde hit mee.

Hast owt to say as to what we should do, or are tha just going to bellock?

Any road, from what Wieldy said about the lad, I wonder if he told them owt, except maybe that Wieldy was a punter after his arse.

Vol, and by my hoep and secreat intilligence these were thayr entire flete that was nowe al sonken and putt to distruccioun by mee, and trewly hit was a paltry werk and light, so few they were agaynst my foarce agaynst them, I dyd comme alande att the place hyghte Grunda by the northe perte of the frith wher the watere owt of Breakingdal falleth into the se.

Well,--excitement sometimes will lead fowk astray, When they dooant meean owt wrang, but just rollikin play, But Leeds is a licker,--for tumult an din,-- For bullies an rowdies an brazzen-faced sin.

  Aftir I abandind my baloon I had got so far up thi steps from thi sentril shaft, but then it becaim obvyis I cude go no furthir bcoz ov thi doar - doars in thi plooril as it turnd owt - blokin ma way.

And they say there was blamelesse folke dwellid therein and ryghte gentle, nor was ther any need for Goriyse to have usid them so cruellie, when hee cawsyd the hole howsholde there to appere before hym and then slawe sum owt of hande, and the residew he throughe all downe the steep cliffe.

  Mr Zoliparia sez ov coarse ther wernt nevir no jiants & I bileev him but sumtymes u can luke owt ovir thi hall wif its mountins like cuboardz & mountins like seets & sofas set agenst thi wall & thi tabils & poofs & so on skaterd about thi playce & u fink, Whenz them big bags cummin bak then?