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OWS may refer to

  • Occupy Wall Street, a political protest starting in 2011 that originated in New York City at Zucotti Park
  • Oil–water separator, a device to separate oil and water
  • Oily water separator, shipboard equipment
  • Order of World Scouts, the first international Scouting organisation
  • Overhead Weapon Station, a remote weapon station
  • Open Window School, a private school located in Seattle, Washington
  • Open Whisper Systems, a nonprofit open-source software group
  • Oritsé Williams, former member of JLS
  • Optional White Space (computer science), sometimes used when defining a grammar or protocol specification, see Metasyntax
  • Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome
  • OGC Web Service Common, a standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium

Usage examples of "ows".

Simon lay back on the bedroll and watched the shad ows playing along the cavern roof.