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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Owre \Owre\, n. [AS. [=u]r; akin to G. auerochs, OHG. [=u]r, [=u]rohso, Icel. [=u]rr.] (Zo["o]l.) The aurochs. [Obs.]


n. 1 (obsolete form of hour English) 2 (obsolete form of oar English) 3 (obsolete form of ore English) 4 (context obsolete English) The aurochs.

Usage examples of "owre".

I mind well when my sister left the bairns to my care with her dying breath, I felt my heart owre grit.

Even if we had owre muckle power, I think we wad mak nae bad use of it.

The dappled swallow left the pool, The stars were blinking owre the hill, As I met amang the hawthorns green The lovely lass of Preston Mill.

Our gudeman leans owre his kale-yard dyke, And a blithe auld bodie is he.

This was the same Jeanie Tirlet that was transported for some misdemeanour, after making both Glasgow and Edinburgh owre het to hold her.

I must and will esteme yowres, God willing, more wellcoom then trumpets and all the musicke we have had since Christmas, and yet we have had prety store bothe of owre owne and othar, evar since Christmas.