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Owney (dog)

Owney (ca. 1887 – June 11, 1897), was a stray Border terrier adopted as the first unofficial postal mascot by the Albany, New York, post office about 1888. The Albany mail professionals recommended the dog to their Railway Mail Service colleagues, and he became a nationwide mascot for 9 years (1888–97). He traveled throughout the 48 contiguous United States and voyaged around the world traveling over 140,000 miles in his lifetime as a mascot of the Railway Post Office and the United States Postal Service. He is best known for being the subject of commemorative activities, including a 2011 U.S. postage stamp.


Owney may refer to:

  • Owney Madden (1891–1965) New York gangster
  • Owney Geoghegan (1840–1885) boxer
Places in Ireland:
  • Owney and Arra, County Tipperary barony
  • Owneybeg, County Limerick barony
  • Owney (dog), New York post office mascot