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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I tried rearing owlets in my bedroom under heat lamps several times, usually without much success.
▪ In a tree an owlet whistles; it is an irritating, nosy-parker noise.
▪ When we got there we found dead or starving owlets all over the place.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Owlet \Owl"et\, n. [Dim. of owl. Cf. Howlet.] (Zo["o]l.) A small owl; especially, the European species ( Athene noctua), and the California flammulated owlet ( Megascops flammeolus).

Owlet moth (Zo["o]l.), any noctuid moth.


n. 1 (diminutive of owl English) 2 A young owl; owling.


n. young owl


Owlet may refer to:

  • A young owl
  • A number of small species of owls in the family Strigidae
  • A type of moth ( owlet moth)
  • A locality near the City of Bradford, England, Owlet, West Yorkshire

Usage examples of "owlet".

There lay an almost dead owlet, its big beak resting on the edge of the stone-lined nest.

The owlet was starving, for there was only the bunting, when there should have been dozens of lemmings.

She picked up the bunting and owlet, regretting that she had found a provider only to lose him again.

Gleefully, she stuffed her pockets, tied a marker at the site for later use, and skipped home dreaming of owlet stew.

Her legs were unsteady from sleep and she blinked like an owlet in the flashlight beam, still sucking her thumb.

Feathers had been woven into ita tiny owlet nestled at the base of the topknot, a nestling Kethry thought to be a clever carving, until it moved its head and blinked.

No, it was as if there was no one across the fire from them at all, nothing but the plants and stones of the clearing, the woods beyond, and the owlet sitting in a young tree.

Darkwind had briefly toyed with the notion of bonding to an owlet, but Vree had displayed a great deal of jealousy at the idea, and he had discarded it, albeit regretfully.

Perhaps he had owlets in the nest, for these little birds took almost six weeks to get on their wings.

If there were owlets, there would also be food, lots of it, for the male owls are constantly bringing food to the young.

They glowed slightly with an otherworldly light and we could hear the impatient noises of unseen owlets whose cries of hunger sounded like kids in soda shops sucking up the dregs of malteds from tall glasses.

And it did amuse me to observe the solemn subalterns nodding all like wise young owlets, as though they could, if they only dared, reveal secrets that would astonish the General himself.

When she parted the thick green stems, two pairs of huge dark eyes stared out at them like owlets from the nest.

In that sport, so attractive even to grown people, in which the bird-catcher inveigles the birds to light upon a tree set with limed twigs, by imi tating the cry of the jay or the owlet,—birds which, among the plumed tribe, enjoy the bitter hatred of the whole species, and to such an extent that every sparrow, every finch or tomtit, hastens at the call in the hope of plucking out a single feather from the common enemy, and, for the most, leave all their own,—Pitou's companions either made use of a natural owlet or a natural jay, or with some particular plant formed a pipe, by aid of which they managed to imitate indifferently the cry of either the one or the other of these birds.

Rangaswami went on about solar panels, organic vegetable gardens, and replacing butane with the gas released by cow dung, while at the same time pointing out parakeets and a group of owlets.