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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Overplus \O"ver*plus\, n. [Over + L. plus more. See Plus, and cf. Surplus.] That which remains after a supply, or beyond a quantity proposed; surplus.
--Shak. [1913 Webster] ``The overplus of a great fortune.''


n. That which remains beyond what is necessary or required; a surplus.


n. extreme excess; "an embarrassment of riches" [syn: plethora, superfluity, embarrassment]

Usage examples of "overplus".

I am sure that if I had named twenty-five thousand guineas as overplus, or rather as exchange--for I did not care for Redegonde--he would have said done.

Cyrus Harding thought, not without reason, that the overplus of the lake must overflow on this side.

The torches were lighted with flint and steel, and Cyrus Harding leading, the settlers ventured into the dark passage, which the overplus of the lake had formerly filled.

But, though re-creation demands almost as much vital overplus as creation, the layman should realize that he has, as a rule, far more of this overplus than the pallid, nervous sort of artist.

Training has meant so much vital overplus to me that I long ago spurted and caught up with my pottle of joy.

But only a comparatively few of the others could, because the world is conducted on a principle which makes it even less possible for them to store up a little hoard of vitality in their bodies against a rainy day than to store up an overplus of dollars in the savings bank.

And, provided your mind is not in as bad condition as your body, this physical overplus will transmute some of itself into mental exuberance.

And the best way to insure this mental and spiritual overplus is to gain the physical.

The trouble was this: that the modern type of city, when it started into being, back in the seventies, began to take from men, and to use up, that margin of nervous energy, that exuberant overplus of vitality of which so much has already been said in this book, and which is always needed for the true appreciation of poetry.

Physical overplus, however, is the thing which life in a modern city is best calculated to keep down.

But the engineer desired to know how and where the overplus of the water from the lake escaped, and the exploration was prolonged under the trees for a mile and a half towards the north.

Sirs,--We beg to acknowledge 10 pounds received and to return cheque of 1 pound, 17s, 9d, amount of overplus, as shown in receipted account herewith.

To pursue its victory, life, the perpetual conqueror, demanded this portion of their flesh, this overplus of the numerous family, which was overflowing, spreading, peopling the world.

As soon as we possess the agricultural machinery, which I have come to order here in France, we shall need flotillas of boats in order to send you the overplus of our granaries.

If the receipts amount to more than fifty florins, we will share the overplus between us.