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The silk overgown, open-sided in the Viking style, was a deep crimson with matching bands of embroidery at the hem and neckline.

Today Berenene was dressed for spring in a leaf green undergown and a cream-colored overgown embroidered with gold flowers.

She was trying to decide between a blush pink overgown or a pale blue one when she realized that Gudruny looked uncomfortable.

Sandry had chosen an undergown of pale blue and a white lace overgown, with blue topazes winking at her ears and around her neck.

She clambered down from the high bed, stripping off her overgown and undergown.

The duchess wore a dark maroon undergown and a sheer black silk overgown, her jewelry equally modest.

As Dove stood, Aly bent close, fussing with the line of her overgown, then followed them out.

The overgown, of a sober wine-black satin that fell in heavy pleats straight from the shoulders, flared slightly over the skirt, opening a few centimeters at the hem to reveal flashes of the brighter brocade beneath.

Silence was still unwillingly impressed by the row of carved gemstones that buttoned the overgown to the waist, but other than that, the pilot could find little to recommend in it.

The solid rectangle of cloth covered her face from cheek to chin, falling below the collar of her overgown at its longest point.

Nasuada washed her wrists and neck with lavender water, then checked her hair in the mirror of polished silver that Orrin had given her and tugged on her overgown until the sleeves were straight.

As soon as the overgown sagged, Nasuada yanked her arms out of the sleeves and clawed her way free of the robe.

She stared at the ragged wound in the lace, at the frayed ends of the parchment-colored strands that wriggled across the overgown like so many contorted worms, stared and felt a hysterical laugh claw at her throat even as a tear formed in her eye.

Standing, Nasuada tumbled half the overgown off her lap and onto the floor.

Without moving from her chair, Nasuada reached down and lifted the overgown so that Trianna could see the mutilated lace.