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alt. (context colloquial US English) out of. prep. (context colloquial US English) out of.

Usage examples of "outta".

Lotsa Purps had turned into big swinging engineers the last few years, improvising their way outta a zillion shortages and hardware drop-deads.

Then Coach Fellers blowed a whistle, what like to make me leap outta my skin an everbody started jumpin around to get exercise.

Now the SSC has a whole crew of bug experts that goes around in special bugproof suits, spraying 'em and digging 'em outta the ground.

I see my guys taxiing out ready to launch, and I see them practically jumpin' out of their cockpits, they're so anxious to beat the crap outta Saddam.

I remember what went through my mind as I got up n turned back to them rickety stairs - the same thing that went through it when Joe snaked his arm outta the well n almost pulled me in with him: I have digged a pit for mine enemies, and am fallen into it myself.

The old dingaling that pulled the broad outta the sewer back in the flood.

Every time you look at the goddam things crosseyed and say boogabooga at them the engine's outta tune or the exhaust system drops off or the steering linkage is gone.

Every time you look at the goddam things cross-eyed and say booga-booga at them the engine's outta tune or the exhaust system drops off or the steering linkage is gone.

She wore a stock professional woman's suit and blouse, blue with faint stripes, and even though she didn't even seem to have lipstick on, let alone eye shadow, I couldn't get it outta my head that she was made-up like mad.

Something super weird happened and I had to get outta Dodge for a while.

We hafta get the wounded back t'the cillas and get outta here before The Hook changes his mind and builds his fire up here.

To keep Monro busy, I said, 'We can wait here until the bears go away, then I think we should high-tail it outta here.

He was happy as a quark, but he was beating the crap outta two joes, we all sorta jumped him.

I figured I could wiggle out a couple of those jools outta their sockets, and get back to me buds before anyone was th’ wiser.

He rolls across the country three weeks outta the month layin’ every broad on the highways, then blows his keister when he finds out I had a little fun of my own.