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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Outrush \Out*rush"\, v. i. To rush out; to issue, or run out, forcibly.


vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To rush outward; to issue forcibly. 2 (context American football transitive English) To rush more than the other team.

Usage examples of "outrush".

Almost immediately she comes across a branch ind, sliding through the ammonia film against the outrushing wind, trying to reach an armored cubicle.

Which fact has made exactly no difference to the overwhelming outrush of modern masterpieces, four a shilling in the third tray from the left.

She made tentative contact with the decking and felt no immediate outrush of air from her suit.

She sighed, the pleasure of that outrush of breath attracting his attention.

She stepped to the bull and with a single fluid motion slit his throat, holding the golden bowl beneath the outrush of blood to catch as much of it as she could.

With a gush of outrushing air and a blast of icy wind, the helmet was torn from his hand, a round, shiny cannonball sailing into the infinite sky.

Lengths down our road each fir-tree seems a hive, In swarms outrushing from the golden comb.

To the surprise of the lad, however, there followed no outrushing of the water.

A ladder ramp meant to accommodate an outrushing full riot squad folded down out of the fuselage like a backhand return.

Outrushing air swept all loose objects toward the aft lock, where the boarding party had blocked both the inner and outer hatches to prevent our closing them.

To the surprise of the lad, however, there followed no outrushing of the water.

The room filled with grunts and shufflings, outrushes of air as bodies hit the resilient floor, slaps of flesh on flesh.

For the frantic Wheelmen were just then lifting into place the temporary shield which was to stem the mighty outrush of their atmosphere.