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The Collaborative International Dictionary

outpour \out"pour`\, n.

  1. A flowing out; a free discharge.

  2. An effusion (of sentiment or emotion; outpouring.


n. The act of pouring out. vb. To pour out.

Usage examples of "outpour".

It had been all he could do to keep King Cole moving, not to draw rein and take Garnet back into his arms, kissing her awake and assuaging his discomfort in an outpouring of relief.

How simple and trusting he was as he outpoured the prayer of his heart, filled with new longings and love, in bowing before her, as before the highest ideal of all his youthful dreams.

Sincerely, Leslie Slote William Tuttle could readily see in the enclosed memorandum, scrawled on legal-length yellow sheets, the exasperated outpouring of a subordinate quitting his job in anger.

The sound welled unbidden from her throat, a rich low outpouring of love and sympathy for the sallow twitching youth who lay on the yellowish sheets, his eyes wild, his hands tensing into claws.

TANU strained to mobilize Tanzanians behind the Arusha principles, this homespun socialist vision evoked a spontaneous outpouring of enthusiasm from the outside.

Swift, Arv, and Bud were struggling frantically against the terrific outpour to reach the shut-off valve.

There are also reflex liberal arguments that anything freer is by definition good and meritocratic arguments that the outpouring of children from the lower classes should be stemmed.

She encompasses all the Nest and all the subordinate Nests as well in Her overflowing outpouring of love.

In contrast to the rather subdued reaction of the printmakers to the first battle, a great outpouring of prints celebrated the victory over the Austrians.

But no comparable outpouring of progun commentary can be heard in the wake of incidents such as the Carpenter family massacre.

And hence the soul of Christ, which is more closely united to God than all other rational creatures, receives the greatest outpouring of His grace.

Now Nialli Apuilana shows the Queen the armies of the People advancing from east and west and south: not merely the force that Thu-Kimnibol had brought with him from Dawinno, but the warriors of all the Seven Cities of the continent, from Yissou and Thisthissima and Gharb, from Ghajnsielem, from Cignoi, from Bornigrayal, every tribe of every land, all of them united here in one cataclysmic outpouring of joined strength.

In a minute listen, made headlines recently when a small dog named Spot, trapped in its interstices, was killed when the towering structure was struck by lightning, provoking a nationwide outpouring of grief.