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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Outport \Out"port`\, n. A harbor or port at some distance from the chief town or seat of trade.


n. 1 A port city or harbor which is secondary to a main port. 2 (context Canada English) In Newfoundland and Labrador any city, town, or village having a port, other than the main port of St. John's.[ "Outports" at ''Newfoundand and Labrador Heritage'' official web site]


n. a subsidiary port built in deeper water than the original port (but usually farther from the center of trade)


Outport is the name given in the United Kingdom for a subsidiary port built in deeper water than the original port. The Port of Tilbury from the Port of London is a good example. Avonmouth and Bristol and, on a smaller and now historical scale, Fordwich and Canterbury are others.

Usage examples of "outport".

He felt fidgety, restlesswhat his grandfather, an outport minister back in Newfoundland, would have called flicy.

It looked like every outport city on every House-dominated world in Canon.

But they say they can whiles get folk cannily away to the plantations from some of the outports, and something to boot for them that brings a bonny wench.

The ten-day journey to Fort Smith allowed Mrs Godsell time to ruminate on the HBC outports she passed along the riverbank.

Their parents, anyway, before the ocean rose up, swallowing the outports like the factories swallowed the fish.

And when he hits the thick grey surface of the water, it parts for him, drawing him down to the ghost streets of the outports that so fascinate him.

Local lines of this company encircle the city on the north and the south, serving the outports of Avonmouth and Portishead on the Bristol Channel.

Big oceangoing ships brought trade goods into Twigeport from the far ends of the world, and then little craft like this one carried them to outports all over Baelmark, returning with their products of wool, hides, or salt fish.

His life, which I had tended to think about, romantically, as that of an independent and solitary-minded fisherman, spent of his own choice in the security of a quiet outport, had, in bitter truth, been a life lived out in prison-trapped -for he, too, had dreamed.

Our destinations were a scattering of sea-girt fishing villages - outports they are called - thinly spread along the hundreds of miles of bold, bald headlands and canyoned fiords of the island's Soii'west Coast.

So quietly that not even the watchman knew what she was about, she settled to the bottom of the harbour, there to become a monumental em- barrassment to the authorities and a remembered heroine to the many thousands of outport people who had known and loved her during the long years of her service.

Even at first glance Messers seemed like everything an outport should be, and nothing it should not be.