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The Collaborative International Dictionary

outlawed \outlawed\ adj. 1. contrary to or forbidden by law; banned; illicit; as, a member of an outlawed political party.

Syn: illegitimate, illicit, outlaw(prenominal), unlawful.

  1. 1 (context of an act English) put beyond the limits of the law, forbidden, against the law. 2 (context of a person English) put beyond the limits of the law, declared an outlaw or declared a criminal. v

  2. (en-past of: outlaw)


adj. contrary to or forbidden by law; "an illegitimate seizure of power"; "illicit trade"; "an outlaw strike"; "unlawful measures" [syn: illegitimate, illicit, outlaw(a), unlawful]

Outlawed (album)

Outlawed is the third full-length album by American deathcore band Attila. The album was released on August 16, 2011, through Artery Recordings. It is the band's second release on the label. Upon its release it charted the Billboard 200 at number 87, selling 4,700 in its first week.

The album is the first by the band to be produced by Joey Sturgis, who has previously worked with such bands as The Devil Wears Prada, We Came as Romans, Asking Alexandria And Miss May I.

Usage examples of "outlawed".

He had better things to do than waste time hunting down some poor bastard who probably didn't even know he'd been outlawed yet.

Even if I have been outlawed, the court wouldn't just announce it to all and sundry.

And to this last refuge, this last chance, this last roll of the loaded dice came Hazel d'Ark and Owen Deathstalker, the ex-clonelegger and the outlawed Lord, to start a rebellion that would spread far beyond the world that birthed it.

He'd inherited the title after Owen was outlawed and didn't look any too pleased about it.

He wanted to avoid being outlawed like Owen, or executed like Owen's father, and was smart enough to know he had absolutely no allies at court.

I had him outlawed specifically so he could lead us to the lost Darkvoid Device, but things seem to be getting out of hand.

Owen Deathstalker, outlawed Lord of Virimonde, who still thought himself a historian rather than a warrior.

From a not particularly successful pirate and an outlawed Lord running for his life to the leaders of a new rebellion.

And then word came of the outlawed Deathstalker, and I remembered the intrigues of his Family, and dared to hope again.

You were outlawed specifically to set in motion a train of events that would lead the Empire first to Shandrakor, and then to the Darkvoid Device.

He'd wasted no time in turning against Owen when the Empress outlawed him, and a man who betrayed one Deathstalker might well betray another.

So when Owen was outlawed, David found himself suddenly in possession of a title and responsibilities he'd never expected or really wanted.

Owen could never be bothered with them, which was why he had no one to turn to when the Empress outlawed him.

You haven't been outlawed, so presumably they don't know about your rebel links, or don't care.

It didn't take too much imagination for any of them to see themselves as Lionstone's next object of opportunity, outlawed so their planet could be next in line for mechanization under Lionstone's direct rule.