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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a likely result/outcome
▪ the most likely outcome of the election
a positive result/outcome
▪ We hope there will be a positive outcome to the talks.
final result/outcome
▪ I do not know what the final outcome will be.
influence a decision/outcome/choice etc
prejudice the outcome
▪ He refused to comment, saying he did not wish to prejudice the outcome of the talks.
probable outcome/consequence/result
▪ The probable result of global warming will be a rise in sea levels.
ultimate outcome
▪ The ultimate outcome of the experiment cannot be predicted.
▪ Living with Keith might therefore have a very different outcome.
▪ Thus, the ways in which children interact differently with peers and adults have different outcomes for development.
▪ Typically the various stimuli are presented concurrently, each associated with a different outcome or requiring a different response.
▪ We hear one story being told over and over again, in many different ways, and with many different outcomes.
▪ Instead, it predicts a number of different possible outcomes and tells us how likely each of these is.
▪ In Table 8. 1 each of these four alternative approaches produces a different outcome!
▪ Had it been otherwise the battle might well have had a different outcome.
▪ When slightly different outcomes are involved, the effect this difference will have on the analysis should be examined. 4.
▪ It is also the intention to match the expectations of the parties and their legal advisers against eventual outcome.
▪ At the same time, realistic encouragement should be given to ensure that the patient remains hopeful about his eventual outcome.
▪ This document asks doctors to avoid making strenuous efforts to prolong your life if the eventual outcome is known to be terminal.
▪ Whatever the eventual outcome of this contentious issue, it is not likely to be resolved in the near future.
▪ This despite the fact that the eventual outcomes, nationalism and defence of territory, are quite similar.
▪ The eventual outcome was the 1986 Social Security Act.
▪ The final outcome will be exceedingly positive - and it isn't far away.
▪ Some others were not pleased with the final outcome.
▪ And are now waiting to hear the final outcome.
▪ Throw in a possible appeal after that, and the final outcome may be years away.
▪ The most obvious example is the electoral college, the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome.
▪ Your prayers could make the difference, affecting the final outcome.
▪ One rationale emphasises the connection between procedural due process and the substantive justice of the final outcome.
▪ Here she is assessing the likely outcome of a confrontation with her local council.
▪ The most likely outcome will be that Rep.
▪ In this way, individual operations can be shaped to be realistic rather than at odds with the likely outcome.
▪ An evaluation can also indicate with some authority what are likely outcomes or consequences of recommended revisions.
▪ Five out of six opinion polls yesterday showed Labour in the lead, pointing to a hung Parliament as the most likely outcome.
▪ Higher education was reinforcing likely outcomes instead of altering them.
▪ But what of the fourth situation which is actually the most likely outcome?
▪ However, the granting of bail is the most likely outcome.
▪ The move into production seems the logical outcome of his obsessive nature.
▪ This was a logical outcome of her avowed poverty and dependence on providence for all things.
▪ The logical outcome of this slow change of direction was to come later, but not much later.
▪ What they lack is the courage and confidence to pursue their conclusions to their logical outcome.
▪ It was the logical outcome of the tactics of drawing out opposing defenders originally outlined by Chapman at Northampton.
▪ But the main practical outcome of the weekend was to brace Baldwin, in favourable surroundings, for a first confrontation.
▪ The main outcome measure was the difference in the applicants' frequency of being shortlisted.
▪ Subjects - 1883 men, 2124 women aged 30 and over. Main outcome measures - Responses to questionnaire.
▪ Subjects - Those families whose son had a positive screening test. Main outcome measures - Creatine kinase activity.
▪ Qualitative judgements are then derived from the positive or negative outcome of the quantities involved.
▪ Unfortunately, these efforts did not yield positive outcomes for Sean, his parents, or his teachers.
▪ The latter's research suggests that patients receiving clozapine may well cost services less over time by producing more positive clinical outcomes.
▪ We practiced running those same situations through and looking for a different and more positive outcome.
▪ But there was one positive outcome.
▪ The clergy will view a positive outcome as a signal of good will, encouraging them to keep their buildings open.
▪ But a positive outcome is less certain than it was three months ago.
▪ We are looking forward to positive outcomes in the next few months, and will keep everybody informed of the progress.
▪ Compare the problems in Glen Nevis where in summer traffic all but grinds to a halt, to see the possible outcome.
▪ Criteria should not be a list of every possible outcome and / or process that is a component of total care.
▪ Win-win Win-win describes one of three possible outcomes from a transaction between people.
▪ On a continuum of possible policy outcomes, locate the preferred policy decision of each group. 3.
▪ If treatment was applied to the generality of elderly people with hypertension these conflicting trial results suggest four possible outcomes.
▪ It also can indicate where expansion is possible and if outcomes are not coinciding with projected estimates.
▪ Both forms of game theory require that the possible outcome for a given player be ranked on a linear scale.
▪ There seem only two possible outcomes to the present impasse.
▪ Nevertheless some of the patients with an intact pouch have had a relatively satisfactory short term outcome.
▪ Final ratification can be reserved for a satisfactory outcome of the debate.
▪ All three diabetic patients had a satisfactory outcome despite the fact that one of them has severe autonomic neuropathy.
▪ He had been prepared to cancel an engagement at London's Victoria and Albert Museum if a satisfactory outcome was reached.
▪ A similarly satisfactory outcome is anticipated for the present year.
▪ This is a process which may take a number of reruns to achieve what we would consider to be a satisfactory outcome.
▪ The median survival of a year or more with symptoms controlled in most of those treated represents a very satisfactory outcome.
▪ It had become difficult for him to imagine anything other than a successful outcome to his diplomatic and military operations.
▪ Schein also sought to learn more about which strategies were associated with successful and unsuccessful outcomes.
▪ A successful outcome would be enormously beneficial.
▪ In health care, for example, governments would find it impractical to fund only successful outcomes.
▪ Seven of nine patients over 60 years of age have had a successful outcome.
▪ The review shows that improvements in nutritional status during pregnancy may result in more successful pregnancy outcomes.
▪ The query formulation is central to a successful outcome.
▪ Hence CI5's involvement, although it had been an assignment with an only partially successful outcome.
▪ If there is any doubt about the ultimate outcome, the proceeding must be left on foot.
▪ The continuing, and heated, judicial debate on racial preference indicates that the ultimate outcome of this controversy remains in doubt.
▪ The tensions can't be avoided and the ultimate outcome can't be predicted.
▪ Work is designed so that it can best be completed by a group, with a group project being the ultimate outcome.
▪ The process of implementation had a large role in determining the ultimate outcomes.
▪ It is here that techniques of various kinds are put into action to achieve practical learning outcomes.
▪ However, the main point of interest is the unintended learning outcomes of such questions as these.
▪ The first is that it is usually preferable to make each objective refer to only one learning outcome.
▪ When linked to the attainment of specific learning outcomes it can provide pupils with a positive stimulus and aid to learning.
▪ Pupils will simply achieve the learning outcomes or not.
▪ Secondly, in the attainment of each learning outcome pupils must be informed of the tasks which contribute to summative assessment.
▪ In criterion-referenced assessment particular attention is paid to the setting of intended learning outcomes or teaching objectives.
▪ Main outcome measures - Concordance between team and research diagnoses.
▪ Main outcome measures - Parents' employment by the nuclear industry and exposure to ionising radiation at work.
▪ Main outcome measures - Number of cases of rectal gonorrhoea and newly diagnosed infection in homosexual men.
▪ Main outcome measures - Diagnosis of endometriosis, age, parity, and history of contraceptive use.
▪ Main outcome measures - Glycaemic control and frequency of hypoglycaemic episodes during two months' treatment with each insulin.
▪ Most attention was given to the three trials that used hearing level as an outcome measure.
▪ The main outcome measure was the difference in the applicants' frequency of being shortlisted.
▪ Main outcome measures - Responses to questionnaire.
▪ It is here that techniques of various kinds are put into action to achieve practical learning outcomes.
▪ What he was denying was their ability to achieve the outcomes to which the opportunities for mutually advantageous trade clearly pointed.
▪ Family health services authorities have a key role in helping general practitioners to achieve these outcomes.
▪ But they are far from equal in their ability to achieve the outcome they want.
▪ Pupils will simply achieve the learning outcomes or not.
▪ What you must recognize is that the answers given to the questions will affect the outcome of the research.
▪ But did it affect the outcome of the election?
▪ This will be appreciated by the candidate and prevent any unnecessary bad feeling that would affect the outcome.
▪ The delay will not affect the outcome of the vote, as the ballot-counting process continues to be monitored by international observers.
▪ Your prayers could make the difference, affecting the final outcome.
▪ This would drastically alter the emphasis of most campaign fund-raising operations and increase the ability of individuals to affect the outcomes.
▪ That is one of the quirks of the system and it does not affect the outcome of the appeals.
▪ Almost anything that happens between now and November 7 could affect the outcome.
▪ Most still linger in county jails, awaiting the outcome of appeals or seeking jury trials.
▪ He remains in Washington awaiting the outcome of a police investigation.
▪ Many trade disputes are pending, awaiting the outcome of the talks; failure would activate them immediately.
▪ Her appeal is pending, awaiting the outcome of the Texas dispute.
▪ The team is awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a combination order which is normally awarded for serious offences like burglary.
▪ The liberation of the entire Church awaits the outcome of this issue.
▪ In many fields, however, negotiations were awaiting the outcome of the dispute over farm trade.
▪ However, its marketing has recently been taken over by Letraset and we await to see the outcome.
▪ Whether the radicals' anti-western rage takes wider hold depends on the outcome of the war.
▪ My life depends on the outcome.
▪ Many bookshop owners believe the future of the small bookshop may depend on the outcome of the case.
▪ Everything depends on the outcome of one game.
▪ The simulation process is parallel, since one simulation does not depend on the outcome of a previous one.
▪ That either stands for Double-Overhead Association or the traditional meaning, depending on the outcome of the ride.
▪ Market sanctions, in contrast, depend on the net outcome of an aggregate of performances.
▪ The full financial obligations of an assisted party will, inevitably, depend upon the outcome of the case.
▪ The first to score in a sudden-death extension determines the outcome.
▪ The long-term impact of the crisis will likely be determined by the outcome of the hostage crisis.
▪ Critics point to the disservice to the public of allowing the self-interest of organizations to determine welfare outcomes.
▪ Global rating scales were used to determine outcome expectations.
▪ Next day: Of the 30 and 40 constituencies that count tomorrow, five are marginal and could determine the outcome.
▪ For the second consecutive game, a ruling by the umps helped determine the outcome.
▪ At the leadership elections expected today, it is their votes that will determine the outcome.
▪ The interaction of the elements in figure 5.1 will determine the outcomes of both the stated and the hidden curriculum.
▪ They influence the outcome of discussions and persuade others of their point of view more than women do.
▪ Each has its own momentum that critically affects how much developing country governments can influence the outcomes.
▪ She felt she could influence the outcome of the screenplay by her concentrated thoughts as the story unfolded.
▪ These must influence the outcome of the experiment.
▪ Whether the curbs on police investigation will reduce police influence on the outcome of the criminal process is not easy to determine.
▪ Such models comprise theoretical constructs of variables which are interrelated, and significant in influencing the outcome of a purchase motivation.
▪ It never did much good and even now with all our antibiotics we can not greatly influence the final outcome.
▪ The longitudinal data will be utilised to investigate change over time and the factors which predict good or poor outcome.
▪ Sometimes in a tournament I can predict the exact outcome of the shot before he makes it.
▪ We have shown that red cell volume predicts outcome in preterm infants.
▪ A reduction in computational complexity will provide greater flexibility in choice of models used to predict outcomes and correlations.
▪ And it will attempt to predict the specific outcome from the implementation of company plans.
▪ This accords with our finding that median arterial-alveolar oxygen tension ratio predicts respiratory outcome better than the minimum ratio.
▪ I hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as those who first used a computer to predict an election's outcome.
▪ The major defence pollsters give is that quota samples generally predict the outcome of elections pretty well.
▪ The latter's research suggests that patients receiving clozapine may well cost services less over time by producing more positive clinical outcomes.
▪ In Table 8. 1 each of these four alternative approaches produces a different outcome!
▪ A technique such as smoothing will not do because it does not ordinarily produce a linear outcome.
▪ However, combinations of characters can produce surprising outcomes in evolution as in everything else.
▪ Even the powerful find that such rules produce perverse outcomes.
▪ There are many reasons for parties failing to produce intended changes in outcomes.
▪ It is the entire field which produces this outcome, which is then an effect of the field or structure.
▪ They are processes which, once started, end up producing a particular outcome at a later point in time.
▪ At this point, I wouldn't even try to predict the outcome, but we're hoping for the best.
▪ It's impossible to say for sure what the outcome of the election will be.
▪ The negotiations are continuing, and we are hoping for a positive outcome.
▪ The patient's general health and fitness can also affect the outcome of the disease.
▪ The talks had a better outcome than we had originally hoped.
▪ Whatever the outcome, I hope we remain friends.
▪ A win-win outcome is where all parties involved are successful in achieving their objectives.
▪ And the outcome of all this was to go back to the basics.
▪ Criteria should not be a list of every possible outcome and / or process that is a component of total care.
▪ No outcome seems too impossible or, at least, unworthy of valiant effort.
▪ Qualitative judgements are then derived from the positive or negative outcome of the quantities involved.
▪ The campaign is still young, and the outcome could change drastically as it did four years ago.
▪ Then we can allow ourselves to feel subjectively good about the outcome, whatever our objective achievement.
▪ Which outcome is better for society?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Outcome \Out"come\, n. That which comes out of, or follows from, something else; issue; result; consequence; upshot. ``The logical outcome.''
--H. Spenser.

All true literature, all genuine poetry, is the direct outcome, the condensed essence, of actual life and thought.
--J. C. Shairp.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1788, "that which results from something," originally Scottish, from out + come (v.). Popularized in English by Carlyle (c.1830s). Used in Middle English in sense of "act or fact of coming out" (c.1200). Old English had utancumen (n.) "stranger, foreigner."


n. 1 Information, event, object or state of being produced as a result or consequence of a plan, process, accident, effort or other similar action or occurrence. 2 A positive result or consequence. 3 (context probability theory English) The result of a random trial. An element of a sample space. 4 (context education English) The results or evidence of students' learning experience. Often used in place of ''desired outcomes''. 5 (rfdef: English)

  1. n. something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio" [syn: result, resultant, final result, termination]

  2. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event" [syn: consequence, effect, result, event, issue, upshot]

Outcome (game theory)

In game theory, an outcome is a situation which results from a combination of player's strategies. Every combination of strategies (one for each player) is an outcome of the game. A primary purpose of game theory is to determine which outcomes are stable according to a solution concept (e.g. Nash equilibria).

In a game where chance or a random event is involved, the outcome is not known from only the set of strategies, but is only realized when the random event(s) are realized.

A set of payoffs can be considered a set of N-tuples, where N is the number of players in the game, and the cardinality of the set is equal to the total number of possible outcomes when the strategies of the players are varied. The payoff set can thus be partially ordered, where the partial ordering comes from the value of each entry in the N-tuple. How players interact to allocate the payoffs among themselves is a fundamental aspect of economics.


Outcome may refer to:

  • Outcome (probability), the result of an experiment in probability theory
  • Outcome (game theory), the result of players' decisions in game theory
  • The Outcome, a 2005 Spanish film
  • An outcome measure (or endpoint) in a clinical trial
Outcome (probability)

In probability theory, an outcome is a possible result of an experiment. Each possible outcome of a particular experiment is unique, and different outcomes are mutually exclusive (only one outcome will occur on each trial of the experiment). All of the possible outcomes of an experiment form the elements of a sample space.

Usage examples of "outcome".

That had been broken by the fortuitous outcome of the Ambrosia incident.

The outcome of a successful act of apperception is always a feeling of pleasure, or at least of interest.

Living religious traditions begin to degenerate when their followers replace effective spiritual purification, attentional training, and contemplative inquiry with sterile liturgies, ritualistic meditations, and contemplative exercises pursued with the sense that the practitioner already knows their outcome.

Whether she was daunted and confused in her own conscience by the outcome, so evil and disastrous, of the reparation to Rogers which she had forced her husband to make, or whether her perceptions had been blunted and darkened by the appeals which Rogers had now used, it would be difficult to say.

Dragging in a deep, cleansing breath, Bree concentrated on the disastrous outcome if he won, if he discovered the damning truth about her, about Sydney.

Long before the simulation or extrapolation technology was used for entertainment, it had been used by the early Gold School for predicting outcomes of political-economic policy decisions and of major data movements in worldwide memory space.

However, we have run two thousand extrapolations of the outcome of such a request before the Curia, and all of them agree that you will not prevail.

Western devotion has been caught by the mystic and poetical character of Pantheism and is, on the whole, strangely blind to its actual outcome in the life of its devotees.

Indian student, has in it a wealth of insight and an understanding of the balanced conduct of life which is wanting in a good many of the Western interpretations of life, but none the less, things must be judged by their massed outcome and the massed outcome of Eastern Pantheism does not commend itself.

Era of European Predominance as the outcome of an uncontrolled irregularity in growth, of economic hypertrophy in a phase of political and cultural atrophy.

The investigative profiler reads the dynamics of a crime scene and interprets them, based on his experience with similar cases where the outcome is known.

I also observed that for those who undertake the initiation, it is always the first encounter that establishes the transaction, and it is always the barriers that remain - for some barriers always do remain, in spite of the reconditioning - that establish the outcome of the drama, or, to put it another way, the final form of the contract.

Yet it is also possible that the Pauline traits found in the magician were the outcome of the redaction, in so far as the whole polemic against Paul is here struck out, though certain parts of it have been woven into the polemic against Simon.

This excessive waddage of plot culminates with Duddits pitifully tottering into battle clutching a stuffed Scooby Doo doll and a Scooby Doo lunchbox full of cancer medication, a battle whose outcome hinges upon the fact that aliens capable of controlling human minds, biting people in half, and building a spaceship the size of Portland seem baffled by the problem presented by opening a manhole cover with a crowbar.

He swallowed and began to breathe shallowly, trying to keep focused on the greater outcome.