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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oul \Oul\, n. An awl. [Obs.]


Oul \Oul\, n. An owl. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete form of owl English)


Oul ( Czech for 'beehive') was a workers mutual aid society, founded in Prague 1868 by the Old Czech politician and economist František Ladislav Chleborád. The organization was inspired by the ideas of Herman Schulz-Delitzsch from Germany. The Czech mutual aid, or self-help, movement spread outside of Prague and was also established in the Brno and Liberec areas.

Usage examples of "oul".

The first occupation to suffer seriously because of the Africans oul ere was farming.

The woman before whose dwelling Domini had stopped was an Ouled Nail, with a square headdress of coloured handkerchiefs and feathers, a pink and silver shawl, a blue skirt of some thin material powdered with silver flowers, and a broad silver belt set with squares of red coral.

Ouled Nail floated like a syren, promising ecstasies unknown even in Baghdad, where the pale Circassian lifts her lustrous eyes, in which the palms were heavy with dates of solid gold, and the streams were gliding silver.