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I kindled a night lantern, wrapped myself in my warmest robe, and secured the padded felt slippers that Ouen had given me.

Morfew and Kasarian entered the study, we all stood while Ouen pronounced an invocation for guidance from the Light in all of our deliberations.

To permit uninterrupted work, Ouen arranged that food and drink were also brought to us along with the seemingly unending stream of documents.

Nolar, Duratan, and Jonja were all able scholars, and together with Morfew and Ouen, they sorted through heaps of scrolls, bound leaves of parchment, and fragments.

I noticed that Morfew or Ouen were carefully retrieving and examining each document that Kasarian laid aside.

Master Ouen, we possess evidence concerning when and why the citadel was constructed.

Lormt folk all tried to speak at once, until Ouen raised his hand to restore order.

Nineteenth day of the Moon of the Knife, Ouen judged that we must delay no longer, and led our party to the same vault into which I had been so abruptly thrust only thirteen days before.

I was not present when the magical opening was visible, but Ouen pointed out for me the stone over which the access area formed, and we marked that stone for any future reference.

When you are certain that you feel strong enough to convey it, Master Ouen wishes to be informed.

Master Ouen that I, too, am most anxious to learn whatever Elsenar sealed within his jewel.

Duratan had objected that I could scarcely present metal branded with Alizonian markings, but Ouen, somewhat to my surprise, had sent for a casket containing unmarked silver bars, from which he carefully weighed out a fair substitution for my gold.

When you feel fully restored, Mereth awaits your report in my chambers, together with Ouen and the others.

If any additional fragments by Elsenar were stored in that chamber, I am certain that Ouen will locate them.

I am in part a Chronicler of the deeds of others, I am one of such as Ouen and Wessel who help with the preserving of the framework of Lormt so that those who come to delve there for knowledge have lodging, food, that which will keep life in their bodies while they labor among the records of the past they love.