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Ouellet is a French Canadian surname common to Quebec; it traces back to a common ancestor, René Hoûallet, who came to New France in the 17th century. The surname exists also in other forms: Ouellette, Ouellon, Houal(l)et, Willett(e).

It may refer to:

  • André Ouellet (b. 1939), Canadian politician
  • Carl Ouellet (b. 1967), Canadian wrestler
  • Christian Ouellet (b. 1934), Canadian politician
  • David George Ouellet (1944–1967), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Fernand Ouellet (b. 1926), Canadian author and educator
  • Jean-Pierre Ouellet (b. 1946), Canadian politician
  • Marc Ouellet (b. 1944), Roman Catholic Cardinal
  • Maryse Ouellet (b. 1983), Canadian professional wrestler
  • Maxime Ouellet (b. 1981), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Michel Ouellet (b. 1982), Canadian ice hockey player