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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ouch \Ouch\ (ouch), n. [OE. ouch, nouche (a nouch being taken for an ouch: cf. Adder), fr. OF. nusche, nosche, nousche, buckle, clasp, LL. nusca, fr. OHG. nusca, nuscha.] A socket or bezel holding a precious stone; hence, a jewel or ornament worn on the person.

A precious stone in a rich ouche.
--Sir T. Elyot.

Your brooches, pearls, and ouches.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1837, from Pennsylvania German outch, cry of pain, from German autsch. The Japanese word is itai. Latin used au, hau.


Etymology 1 interj. 1 An expression of one's own physical pain. 2 An expression in sympathy at another's pain. 3 A reply to an insult (frequently one that is tongue-in-cheek or joking). 4 An expression of disappointment. 5 (context slang English) Expressing surprise at the high price of something. Etymology 2

n. (alternative form of ouche English)

Ouch (song)

"Ouch" is a song performed, written and produced by the English hip hop group N-Dubz. It was released as the group's fourth overall single, first single with the record label All Around The World and the first official single for their debut Platinum-selling album, Uncle B.

Ouch (union council)

Ouch is an administrative unit, known as Union Council, of Lower Dir District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Lower Dir district's has 37 Union Councils with a population of 797,852 according to the 1998 census report. The projected population of Dir Lower was 1,037,091 in 2005 with the same growth between the 1981 and 1998 census i.e. 3.42% per annum. The projected male population of Dir lower in 2005 is 514,072 and the female is 523,020.

Usage examples of "ouch".

After he had adjudged them well, he ouched and informed her that there was still some hurt in the right eye.

A kirtle and a mantle This boy had him upon, With brooches, rings, and ouches, Full daintily bedone.

She goes to the first-aid box she keeps in the back room and gets some ointment and pretty soon I'm ouching all over again.

She put her hands up and touched her face - or rather tried to ouch her face.

Kahlan straightened Lily's nightdress back down and drew the blanket back over her lap as Drefan patted her cheek, telling her what a good girl she was, and that her doll's ouches would be better by morning.

I'm gonna deserve my ouches, he thought, grey-green eyes giving no sign of his feelings.