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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Attar \At"tar\, n. [Per. 'atar perfume, essence, Ar. 'itr, fr. 'atara to smell sweet. Cf. Otto.] A fragrant essential oil; esp., a volatile and highly fragrant essential oil obtained from the petals of roses.


n. (alternative spelling of attar English)


Otto is a masculine German given name. It originates as an Old High German short form (variants Audo, Odo, Udo) of Germanic names beginning in aud-, an element meaning "wealth, prosperity".

The name is recorded from the 7th century ( Odo, son of Uro, courtier of Sigebert III). It was the name of three 10th-century German kings, the first of whom was Otto I the Great, the first Holy Roman Emperor, founder of the Ottonian dynasty.

The Gothic form of the prefix was auda- (as in e.g. Audaþius), the Anglo-Saxon form was ead- (as in e.g. Eadmund), the Old Norse form was auð-.

The given name Otis arose from an English surname, which was in turn derived from Ode, a variant form of Odo, Otto.

Due to Otto von Bismarck, the given name Otto was strongly associated with the German Empire in the later 19th century. It was comparatively frequently given in the United States (presumably in German American families) during the 1880s to 1890s, remaining in the top 100 most popular masculine given names in the US throughout 1880–1898, but its popularity decreased significantly after 1900 with increasing anti-German sentiment leading up to World War I; it fell below rank 200 in 1919, below rank 500 in 1947, and below rank 1000 in 1975; it re-entered the top-1000 most popular given names in the US only in the 2010s, ranking 696th as of 2013.

Otto (surname)

Otto is a surname, and may refer to

  • Catherine Otto, author of echocardiography textbooks
  • Christoph Friedrich Otto, (1783-1856) German botanist
  • Felix Otto (mathematician) (born 1966), German mathematician
  • Frei Otto (1925-2015), German architect

• Professor Tadeusz Otto (born 1926) Polish Cardiac Surgeon

  • Dr. Frank Otto (born 1936), American educator and entrepreneur
  • Gustav Otto (1883–1926), German aircraft and aircraft-engine designer and manufacturer
  • Jan Otto (1841–1916), publisher of Otto's encyclopedia
  • John Otto (FBI acting director)
  • John Otto (park ranger) (1870-1952), American environmental advocate
  • Lisa Otto (1919-2013), opera singer
  • Michael Otto (born 1943), head of Otto GmbH
  • Nikolaus Otto (1832–1891), coinventor of the Otto cycle
  • Rudolf Otto (1869–1937), German theologian
  • Shawn Lawrence Otto, American author, filmmaker, political strategist
  • William Tod Otto (1816–1905), American judge
Otto (mayor of the palace)

Otto (died 643 or 644) was the mayor of the palace of Austrasia briefly in the mid-seventh century.

Otto was the son of a domesticus named Uro who served in the court of Dagobert I. Otto was raised with Dagobert's son Sigebert III and subsequently acted as Sigebert III's baiolos ( bailiff?). On the death of Pepin of Landen in 639 or 640, Otto challenged the succession of Grimoald to the mayorship. Otto was eventually murdered by Leuthard II, Duke of Alemannia, at the request of Grimoald.

Otto (disambiguation)

Otto is a given name of Germanic origin.

Otto may also refer to:

Otto (dog)

Otto (14 February 1989 – 14 January 2010), also known as Otto Jones, was a male dachshund- terrier cross who, from October 2009 at 20 years and 8 months, was said at the time to hold the Guinness World Record as the world's oldest living dog until his death in January 2010.

Otto (singer)

Otto Maximiliano Pereira de Cordeiro Ferreira (born June 28, 1968), known mononymously as Otto, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, drummer and TV presenter, famous for being one of the founding members of the pioneering Mangue Bit band Mundo Livre S/A, of which he served as its drummer from 1984 to 1996.

OTTO (company)

Otto is an American self-driving technology company established in January 2016 by Lior Ron and Anthony Levandowski. The San Francisco-based team, which has 90 employees as of August 2016, retrofits semi trucks with radars, cameras and laser sensors to make them capable of driving themselves. In August 2016 Otto was acquired by the transportation network company Uber. Co-founder Lior Ron has stated that Otto will have self-driving fleets of trucks on the road by early 2017.

Usage examples of "otto".

Otto von Meissner, chief of the Presidential Chancellery, and Goering, who had accompanied Hitler, were the only witnesses to the conversation, and though Meissner is not a completely dependable source, his affidavit at Nuremberg is the only firsthand testimony in existence of what followed.

The objective was disclosed in an affidavit by Otto Ohlendorf, one of the S.

Otto Schmierkase, the German bichloride gas expert, has been captured.

It slammed Blucher back onto her haunches with Such violence that Otto von Kleine and his officers were thrown heavily to the steel deck.

Otto Mahncke describes his journey, with a neighbour, through the bombed streets near the city centre.

Men maakte zachtjes verschillende veronderstellingen, en iets van het geruisch dier veronderstellingen was tot Otto doorgedrongen.

And in the special film did Poopy Panda appear enhaloed, and the talented kid performers did do him worship, and Otto Clodd did trip over his feet whilst kneeling, and Jackie Whipple did urge in manly and sincere wise that all the Poopy Panda Pals out there in television-land do likewise, and the enhaloed Poopy Panda did say in his lovable growly voice, Poop-poop-poopy.

Horze alle gedaan bleken te zijn, en het scheen, of haar waan van landelijkheid zich uitwischte, nu zij niet meer op den grond stoeide met de kinderen, of met Otto in de dennebosschen lag, maar rustig glimlachend, en in een molligen fauteuil op haar aanstaande wachtend, luisterde naar Vincent.

He waved Gorde to the place vacated by Whitaker, found room for Otto, called for food to be brought.

Presumably Gorde and Otto would be leaving with Erkhard and I wanted to be on that plane, away from the dark feuds of this desert world.

Otto Chriek of the Times was waiting in the street, iconograph at the ready.

Koom Valley, our friend Otto will be able to take a colour iconograph of it in a fraction of a second.

The German physicists Max von Laue and Otto Stern had a similar reaction.

As Otto got angrier, I got more and more angry with the Fish and the Leggo, protesting the abuse of my name.

Wien kon Eline zich liever dan Otto wenschen, ook al was hij nu eenmaal niet schatrijk?