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'Ótta ' (an old time form : the time of the day from 3 to 6 AM ) is the fifth album by the Icelandic heavy metal band Sólstafir. It was released on August 29, 2014 through the record label Season of Mist.

Otta (river)

The Otta river flows through the Ottadal valley in the municipalities of Skjåk, Lom, Vågå and Sel in Norway.

The river Otta begins in Skjåk municipality and flows into lake Vågåvatn. Exiting the Vågåvatn at Vågåmo, it continues its journey through the Ottadal leaving Vågå municipality to meet the Gudbrandsdalslågen at the town Otta in Sel municipality.

The watershed of the Otta drains an area of .

The Otta River is known for rafting. The rafting season begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of September.