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init. (alternative form of OTT English)

Ott (record producer)

Ott (born 12 April 1968 in London, England) is a British record producer and musician who has worked with Sinéad O'Connor, Embrace, The Orb, and Brian Eno, and has achieved recognition since 2002 for his own psychedelic dub tracks and his collaborations with Simon Posford ( Hallucinogen / Shpongle). He has released two albums on Twisted Records: Blumenkraft (2003), Skylon (2008) and two albums on Ottsonic: Mir (2011) and Fairchildren (2015).

OTT (band)

OTT were an Irish boy band of the mid-late 1990s. The five members were Niall O'Neill, Alan Fitzsimons, Alan Mates (known as 'Adam' in the band), Glen Clarke and Keith Cox. They were signed to Sony Music and had a number of chart hits in Ireland and the UK. After three top ten single releases in Ireland, they attempted to break the UK market minus Keith Cox, who had left for family reasons. Although moderately successful in the UK, the band became well known in Asia with sales of up to 250,000 copies of their debut album. After being dropped by Sony in the late 1990s, the band called it a day. O'Neill now runs a multi-media company in Dublin, having worked at a Spanish tourist resort, Fitzsimons works in the Mobile Communications industry, Mates is an Interior Designer, and Clarke lives in the United States.


Ott or OTT may refer to:

Ott (name)

Ott is a surname and an Estonian masculine given name. People with the name include:

Usage examples of "ott".

Bruz Ott entered and leaned over her, his almost lipless mouth bared in a grin that revealed yellowed, rOtting teeth, He would have put his hands on her, but Linda drew back, her own hands gripped into claws.

Engravings were also published in London by Schiavonetti and Bartolozzi from portraits by Guttenbrunn and Ott, and by Hardy from his own oil-painting.

Ott, J and Matthies, H-J Some effects of RNA precursors on development and maintenance of long-term memory: hippocampal and cortical pre- and posttraining application of RNA precursors.

Then she saw a leering, bearded face peering at her and she recognized a rough bullwhacker by the name of Bruz Ott.

To Ott Pickney, the cockpit of Bobby Clinch's fishing boat more closely resembled the pilot's deck of a 747.

Then he called a florist shop in Miami and asked them to wire an orchid to Ott Pickney's funeral.

As he sifted through the fiberglass scraps, Ott realized it was impossible to tell how these jigsawed pieces had ever comprised a nineteen-foot boat.

Ott had watched the stars and starfuckers arrive and, with a minimum of ambition, outlasted most of them.

Ott started to say something but his greeting died beneath the grinding whine of a carpenter's table saw.