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Otōto (TV drama)

Otōto (Little Brother) is a Japanese television drama that was shown on TBS. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 30, 1990.

Otōto (2010 film)

Otōto is a 2010 film by Yoji Yamada. The first screening of this film outside Japan was at the closing ceremony of the 60th Berlin Film Festival in 2010. The screening was a special tribute to filmmaker Kon Ichikawa, whose films had been invited to the festival several times before.


Otōto (Japanese: Younger Brother) may refer to:

  • Otōto (TV drama), a 1990 Japanese television drama
  • Otōto (2010 film), a 2010 Japanese film by Yoji Yamada
  • Her Brother, a 1960 Japanese film by Kon Ichikawa