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OTL may stand for:

  • On the Level, album by Status Quo
  • Out to Lunch (disambiguation)
  • One True Love, Philippine film
  • Optical channel Transport Lane, multi-lane interface for the Optical Transport Network (OTN)
  • Oradea Transport Local
  • Over-the-line, a variant of softball played mostly in Southern California
  • Over Time Limit
  • Output transformerless, a vacuum tube amplifier topology
  • Outside the Lines, an American sports television series focusing on off-the-field stories
  • On the lam
  • In alternate history fiction, "OTL" stands for "Our Timeline" or "Original Timeline"
  • Oracle Template Library
  • A posture emoticon, denoting failure; it resembles a man bowing. 'O' is a head, 'T' is upper body with arms, 'L' is legs.
  • Overtime loss ( ice hockey)
  • Output transformerless, an audio amplifier output stage coupling method.
  • OpenType Layout