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is a 1991 Japanese film directed by Junji Sakamoto.

OTE (disambiguation)

OTE is the national telecommunications provider of Greece.

OTE may also refer to:

  • Ocean thermal energy conversion, a renewable energy source
  • Oda of Haldensleben (978–1023), daughter of the Margrave of the North March, Theoderich
  • On-target earnings, a feature in some job adverts
  • Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E), as in the U.S. Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate

Usage examples of "ote".

My landlord, whose name was Ote, had been a captain, and was thought a great deal of at Zurich.

Anie, au bras de son mari, allait de table en table, son voile ote maintenant, adressant a chacun quelques mots aimables ou un sourire.

Nationale lui avait otes, il recut celui de commandant de la garde nationale de Vernon.