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adj. (of securities) not quoted on a stock exchange; "over-the-counter stocks" [syn: over-the-counter]


OTC may refer to:

OTC (band)

OTC (originally Groupe Doula Georges) was one of the first bands to emerge from the early days of the Opika label in what was then called Belgian Congo, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was the first band to include Joseph Kabasele, later to be popularly known as Le Grand Kallé.

Around 1950 Joseph Kabasele joined with two of the session guitarists at Opika records, Georges Doula and Albert Yamba-Yamba, to form a combo called Groupe Doula Georges. In 1951 Doula and his band starred in a publicity film for the radio station Voix de la Concorde, which operated under the call letters "OTC." To capitalize on the notoriety gained from the film, the band chose to rename themselves OTC.