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OTB may refer to:

  • Off the boat, a slang phrase for newly arrived immigrants
  • Off-track betting, sanctioned gambling on horse racing outside a race track
  • Overberg Test Range, or Overberg Toetsbaan, a missile test range in South Africa
  • Over-the-board chess, played between opponents seated at the same chessboard (as opposed to correspondence or online chess)
  • Overseas Trust Bank, a defunct bank of Hong Kong
  • On the Boards, a Seattle, Washington arts organization
  • Off the ball, a player's movement when not in possession of the ball in soccer
  • One True Brace, a software coding convention for formatting loops, functions, if statements, and blocks
  • Orfeo toolbox, an open source library for remote sensing image processing
  • Out of the Blue (band), an American jazz ensemble founded by Blue Note Records in the 1980s
  • OTB Group, a holding company for several fashion brands