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is a popular area located in the Naka ward of Nagoya, central Japan.

Ōsu is a historic area which has many small shops offering everything from Japanese traditional food to handicrafts. A large department store is OSU301. It is popular amongst fashionable young people as well.

The is held every year in October. The highlight is the parade of the oiran.

There are a number of temples and shrines and religious institutions in this area. The most important ones are and and not far away is .

Ōsu Kannon Station is located at Ōsu.

Usage examples of "osu".

They had become Osu, the lost tribe of Mars, the dwellers in the quiet places.

There would be new tales to tell the unborn children of the Osu when their time came beneath Mother Sky.

In the opening stood two of the Osu, Echewa and the old man who had begun the song.

For him, as for many among the Osu, the Machine seemed like some kind of powerful sorcery and he was certain that, were he not there, they would have destroyed it at the earliest opportunity.

Wearily she cursed her luck - it was a pretty good crowd for a weekday, too - mostly students from OSU, with some leftover hippies as well - most of the valley towns had some, though Corvallis wasn't swarming with them the way Eugene was - and they'd all given a good hand to the first two tunes.